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Thread: New Battle Royale Game: Radical Heights

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    Post New Battle Royale Game: Radical Heights

    By the dudes who made the failed Lawbreakers


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    Looks like ****.
    For it is not for nought we age, decay. Another must come along; build the new day; discover a new way, a new dragon to slay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrBaN963 View Post
    Looks like ****.
    You're not lying.

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    Yup. It looks really really bad

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    Super Grandmaster ponder's Avatar
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    entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

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    I think it's hilarious how the guy behind this said on his Twitter the reason people are hating on this is because it's not "cool" to like stuff, yes I'm sure that's the reason...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponder View Post
    Lawbreakers weren’t by any means a sad or bad ‘clone’. I mean every game in that genre is strictly speaking a Team Fortress 2 ‘clone’ in that context. I also don’t get the clone attachment nowadays, I mean it is a game in a competing genre. Overwatch came out on top, they had the means to come out on top too push out a ‘competitive’ game.

    Here is an old vid TotalBiscuit did in the alpha release,

    the same intro criticism applies to Radical Heights.

    Lawbreakers need to drop the price tag, it is still a $30 game with limited node availability.

    Radical Heights looks sad, and it is late to the party.

    At least they didn't try to make a dota clone...
    Trolling is an Art. A Jest of Faith.

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