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Thread: Registry Fix

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    Default Registry Fix

    Hi guys,

    I deleted a user entry/field in my registry in an effort to fix an issue I had been having but was stupid enough not to make a backup (Lesson learnt)

    My computer only has one user account. Now when I log in it logs me into a temp account, so every reboot everything is reset. I don't want to link my Microsoft account. I just want a normal user again. I've tried creating new users but there is no way to login to them, switch user doesn't even work. It just shows my one user but when logged in it's temp,

    I can still access everything from my old desktop through Users/**name**/Desktop.

    How can I fix this? I don't mind if i have to make a new user i don't mind if i lose all settings.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Reset the pc? Just choose to keep your files or back them up.
    I am assuming you have windows 10.
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    Restore the backup in the registry (.bak) under profilelist, I can never remember the full path, but A search will find it. Backup your data just in case the backup key is messed up...

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