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Thread: Unum Capital

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    Default Unum Capital

    Anyone have any experience with Unum Capital? (FSB license 564). Done a little research and they seem to check out and are licensed with the FSB. They are a stockbroker that seems to have a copy trade portal. My question is whether anyone has checked out their copy trade portal and whether there is a decent selection of traders to copy. It looks like I will only be able to check that out after registering, which I would like to avoid if its not worthwhile. Don't feel like dealing with the calls afterwards asking me when I am going to fund my account and that.

    I have smalls in an Etoro account but would be keen to do some JSE related copy trading.

    I never finish anyth

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    Unum capital is a break off group from Vunani Capital with Mark Weetman.

    Disclosure: Im not with them or any kind of client of theirs, just know their background

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    I see they use ProTrader for the JSE accounts.
    Dont know how well it all works with copy trades, but from running your own system point of view
    I did not enjoy that program much...

    Its heavy on data usage, its slow, and often the charts would simply reset.

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