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Thread: Hosting your own Dynamic DNS server

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    Default Hosting your own Dynamic DNS server

    Hi Guys

    So I have always been using a Dynamic DNS service to access my home network and it is getting so frustrating with most of them requiring signing up for some other service or confirming your hostname every 30 days.

    So I am looking at exploring the options for hosting my own very small scale Dynamic DNS server, mostly to see how it all works, and obviously to access my home network.

    Is there anyone that can tell me where to start and what software works for this? I have my own domain to use, and obviously hosting a server somewhere is not an issue.

    I'm preferably looking for something with an interface, either php or a windows gui.

    Any tips or help will be appreciated

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    Ye that DuckDNS looks interesting.

    Both Amazon's Route 53 and Cloudflare have APIs to update DNS records (e.g., so it's actually relatively simple writing a script that checks your public IP for changes and just calls the API to update the DNS entry.
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