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Thread: Problem with Bridging Huawei

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    Default Problem with Bridging Huawei

    Can someone give some guidance in how to bridge a Huawei HG532f and a TP-Link TD-W8960N.

    The Huawei is connected to the internet, servicing all my wireless devices.

    I have the TP-Link router connected to my PC in the other room via Ethernet cable, and I would like to connect this router to the Huawei via wifi to get my PC on the internet.

    When I enable WDS on the Huawei and scan, it picks up the TP-Link router and it adds the MAC address into the list of repeaters.

    On the TP-Link I enable bridge mode (AP Mode) and it picks up the Huawei and associated MAC, which I select and apply.

    What do I need to do on the TP-Link, or elsewhere, to get it working?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I'm not exactly experienced with this, but I have bridged a few routers before arount the house.

    In all likelihood, I would guess that maybe DHCP on the TP-Link still needs to be disabled?

    Also make sure the Gateway IPs are different on each router.

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