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Thread: Looking For Fibre In Rooihuiskraal North Centurion

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    Default Looking For Fibre In Rooihuiskraal North Centurion

    Hi Guys/Gals

    After many a long year suffering with ADSL I have finally decided to pull the plug on ADSL and go fibre.

    Reason being, that my 10M ADSL line is now stuck at 6.4M. Line stats are good (20db S/N - Line attn 42.7db). Telkom/Openserve have been to my place on three occasions have done nothing to the line. Have put me on fastpath a couple of times but within a few days its back down to 6.4 which just doesn't cut it for me.

    I have fibre over the back of my house, believe its Openserve.

    So I am looking for someone to hook me up with a good and reliable fibre deal.

    Line, either 10M or 20M down (up is not an issue) 200G Capped, unshaped, unthrottled etc.

    Budget ~ R1K/m

    Any suggestions will be appreciated


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