I see in the MTN July 2018 catalogue in the Terms and Conditions they say "All data sessions are charged at a minimum of R0.03 excluding vat. What is a data session?

Does this mean that you will be charged a minimum of R0.03 for every Whatsapp message sent or received if you are on any MTNChoice Flexi Bundle (where you are allocated only airtime not specific amounts of data or voice minutes)

Does one message in or out count as a 'data session'? Does a weather update, a check for email, or any other data poll from a phone cost at least R0.03? Does this affect whatsapp and data costs on other packages where it seems MTN bills minimum 1KB sessions vs Vodacom 10KB, cell C 25KB and Telkom 35.3KB (https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellu...om-and-mtn.htm)

So MTN charges R0.03c for a 1KB session vs Vodacom R0.01c/10KB, Cell C R0.01/25KB and Telkom R0.01/35.3KB. Is this maybe not part of the reason data seems to disappear so fast?

If I understand correctly, a message of under 1000 characters is less than 1KB and will cost R0.03 on MTN, not sure if Vodacom or the others would charge for it, but if they did it would only be R0.01.