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Thread: BCCI feels the heat over anti-doping stand

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    Default BCCI feels the heat over anti-doping stand

    The Indian cricket board (BCCI) is feeling the heat from the International Cricket Council (ICC) over its resistance to come under the umbrella of the National Anti-Doping Agency (Nada).

    TOI has reliably learnt that the BCCI has called an urgent meeting of its officials - including the office-bearers, CEO Rahul Johri and the legal team - in Kolkata next week in the light of fresh developments which could have major implications.

    TOI understands that the world anti-doping body (Wada) has put pressure on the ICC to bring BCCI under Nada. BCCI has been very rigid on its stand and stuck with an independent private agency (IDTM) for conducting dope tests according to Wada norms. ICC is compliant with Wada while BCCI - while refusing compliance with Nada - has reiterated that the board is compliant with Wada as it is a full member of the ICC. The BCCI has also contested that it is not a national sports federation.

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    Fcking India. Think they're God's gift to cricket...
    Whether you're a happy smiler or a furious weeper; king of the jungle or a tiny creeper, we're all equal in the eyes of the reaper.

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