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Thread: Mweb adsl line issues

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    Default Mweb adsl line issues

    We used to be on a very expensive mweb package for R1500/PM, 10mbps and recently dropped to a 10mbps option but with an 800Gb cap.

    We made this change because we never ever got to 10mbps anyway and hoped that a capped account would be better.

    While we are now getting better speeds the connection is constantly lost while I game online, its impossible to do any online gaming!

    Anyone else having issues like this with their mweb adsl or is it a line problem?


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    I would say it is a line issue. Phone helpdesk and ask them to trouble shoot. They will probably do a port recreate and the problem will come back again. They should also be able to see on their system every time the line disconnects. If it is a line issue and Mweb handles your line for you, ask them to push Telkom to sort it out..... Goodluck, Telkom is usually not in a hurry to sort out line issues.
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