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Thread: Fujifilm Rent-to-Own makes owning a camera easier

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    Default Fujifilm Rent-to-Own makes owning a camera easier

    In the current economic circumstances, buying a new camera can be a difficult financial endeavor. It is for this reason that Fujifilm South Africa is introducing its new Rent-to-Own programme.

    Through an easy online or in-store process, customers can now rent a Fujifilm product, with the opportunity to keep it after a set period of time. This applies to Fujifilm’s X-Series of mirrorless cameras, including the new X-T100 and X-H1, as well as the Fujinon range of lenses.

    Customers looking to sign up for the Rent-to-Own programme can head over to Here they have the option to rent select cameras and lenses over a six, 12, 18 and 24-month period.

    Customers have a number of alternatives available when signing up for the Rent-to-Own programme. The first is to simply return the equipment after the rental period expires, or to continue to rent but at a reduced rate. For many, the preferable option would be to pay a once-off fee of R600 to own the equipment outright after the agreed upon period has concluded.

    To become part of Fujifilm Rent-to-Own programme, customers must fill in the online application, and provide a copy of their ID document, a proof of address, a payslip and bank statements of the last three months. The application will have to approved before the go-ahead from Fujifilm. The website calculates the exact rental price per month, with the ability to also add a deposit to bring down the cost per month.

    Eslie Basson, National Sales Manager at Fujifilm South Africa, believes the Rent-to-Own programme should make the prospect of owning a high-end camera a lot easier. “The Fujifilm Rent-to-Own system is designed to provide photographers with options to suit their pocket. Now they can pay as little as R350 a month on select products and get exactly what they want, without the high upfront cost,” he says.

    Basson notes that videographers, wedding photographers and photography enthusiasts looking to invest in better equipment can do so without breaking the bank. “Photography students can also acquire a top-of-the-range Fujifilm camera and lens at a nominal fee rather than investing in entry-level or midrange cameras which would need to be upgraded again after their studies,” he concludes.

    For those wanting to rather sign up for the Fujifilm Rent-to-Own system at a physical storefront, a number of camera shops are partaking in the programme. This includes select Foto First branches, Atphoto (Tshwane), Cameraland Sandton, Cameraland (Cape Town), Photo Freedom (Kwa-Zulu Natal), Kameraz (Johannesburg), Katz Tech Lab (PE), The Kloppers Group, Orms (Western Cape), Outdoorphoto (Tshwane) and Photoquip (East London).

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    It ain't cheap to rent-to-own. I looked at the cost of renting a X-H1 over 12 months and it came to R32,270.52, add r600 to own at the end of the period and you're looking at R32,870.52. To buy the camera from Orms is currently R23,195.00.

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    Fuji doesn't offer anything I can really use either way.
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    Nice concept but the total cost is way too high, if Fuji SA had been more strategic and made it so there's more incentive (not paying over 40% odd more but 20% odd over the period) it would be way more appealing.

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