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Thread: MTN Proxy server Settings?

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    Default MTN Proxy server Settings?

    Anyone here knows the settings for MTN-Proxy? The reason for asking is because of all the f'n Data Packet Errors im getting...After a Cellphone shutdown and ReStart, everything is back to normal for about 2 days, then the ***** hits the fan again...tia
    We "might" know a lot, but we don't know everything...

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    I wouldnt use proxy! Trust it is slowwed down during peak times! MTN run their mms and wap proxy from the same server! Gets slowed heavy!

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    The prob i have is occurring right through the year...not just peak times. I believe there is quite a bit of folks out there with the same prob on some Nokias
    We "might" know a lot, but we don't know everything...

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