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    No load-shedding expected this weekend

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    Which websites do you visit the most?

    Reddit Mybroadband
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    Good news for WhatsApp users on Vodacom

    "It is, however, not all bad. A Cell C spokesperson told MyBroadband that while it previously suffered a decrease in traditional call minutes being used, this has now stabilised. “This indicates that there is still a need amongst customers to communicate via making a call,” said Cell C." Either...
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    Would anyone consciously port from VC to Telkom right now for their main mobile phone?

    As long as in majority you're in a major metropolitan area, which it sounds like you are, I don't think you'll have any problems. Things get a little hairy signal wise as you move out to more rural areas.
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    Are there any tech brands you are loyal to?

    Sorry, but what's the Intel Battleaxe fiasco? I
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    Takealot returns damaged item as the replacement item

    I'm sure it was a mistake with the shipping on their part, returning the exact same goods instead of replacing them....or am I giving them too much credit?
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    Answering calls from numbers not stored on your phone

    I always answer in case it's my long lost relative from Nigeria who owes me a huge inheritance
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    Note 9 Bluetooth headset and Whatsapp call

    Try checking if there's a firmware update for the headphones. I think it's a headset issue rather than a WhatsApp one
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    Jacob Zuma featured on Pewdiepie's latest video

    Anyone seen this yet? Hilarious and embarrassing at the same time
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    Nearly R10-million found in student's hand luggage at OR Tambo International [Update Sentenced]

    "On September 11‚ Saleh was arrested at OR Tambo International from where she was to depart for Hong Kong." Muslim travelling on September 11th is asking to be searched
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    Tolling company CEO’s plan to get e-tolls working again

    “Those who receive a direct benefit for services should pay for them. Roads are not for free. If we want world-class services, we must pay for world-class services. We should be proud of the e-tolling system we have,” he said. Of course roads aren't for free but WTF are our income & company...
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    Borderlands 3 will be exclusive to the Epic Store on PC

    Well Epic Games is owned by Tencent which Naspers has a big stake in. So maybe we'll get lucky?
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    Tencent posts biggest profit shortfall in 10 years

    Hasn't been affected as yet
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    South Africa is looking at introducing a national plastic straw ban

    They're harder to recycle and are seen as easily replaceable. But agree that the focus shouldn't only be on that