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Just to add to your irritation, can I get SASRIA on my car? 1996's Toyota Corolla, 590 000kms.

Is it possible or not, and how much?


Hi, how are you . May I ask is it possible to change the logo for the tv if the firmware is update to konka firmware
Hi @FlashSA ,
I see you recently imported a Xiaomi smartphone from Gearbest. How was your experience with DHL and what is their custom charges? They says it will arrive anything between 4-12 days, I'm in George. The phone is R4699 on Takealot and about R3600 on Gearbest. Should I rather buy local or import?
Any advice will be welcome...
Thank you in advance
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Hey. Gearbest and DHL great. The 2 phone's I brought in recently both arrived in under a week and both attracted R600 in customs charges. That would make it R4200 imported versus R4700 Takealot for you. Tough one. If customs happen to be more, then it will close that gap. Also remember that most credit cards charge a currency conversion fee, so in my case 2.75% extra cost which is another R115 on top.
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