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    (S) Chromecast 3rd Gen

    PM sent
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    SARS IT head leaves

    Was this due to in sourcing.....or out sourcing...
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    Need Ritalin help

    No, unfortunately not. I had to make an appointment with a doctor and talk through the kind of issues I experienced. The thing is, my son has it too (he's 8). He's been battling to concentrate and whatnot in class. The doctor told my wife it was genetic, so that's when we looked into it for me...
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    Need Ritalin help

    Neucon user clocking in here. I can confirm that it has helped me so much. Even my wife can tell when I've taken it. So, let me give an example of what it does for me:- I go to make coffee and put the kettle on. Then I get milk from the fridge. When I open the fridge I see the water dispenser...
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    What's your resting heart rate?

    Yeah, I know that my heart rate shoots up in the morning after my alarm has gone off. I am sitting at around 45 odd at the moment. When I was younger and ran most days, the lowest I got it down to was 36!
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    SA Human Rights Commission uncovers sick state of KZN hospitals

    Wow. Based on these visits I think the NHI will be a RESOUNDING success /s The ANC has to be the worst party of all time. They simply cannot do anything correctly. Everything they do is shrouded with corruption, fraud, maladministration. Time and time again they are proven to be completely...
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    I wonder how SA would look if there was an incentive type scheme. R5 for a big black bag of rubbish, R10 for 2. I know that the huge issue here would be funding. ....BUT....I wonder if something like this would work. Edit:- Not really sure how you could differentiate between rubbish collected...
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    ‘The ANC gives me nothing – we have no jobs, no housing and we’re struggling for electricity’

    Yeah, I have never understood this. My wife and I both work and we have 2 kids. I certainly wouldn't want any more kids. And then my domestic will have 5 kids with 3 different dads, none of the dads in the picture. A very sad state of affairs.
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    Buying a new washing machine

    I can attest to this. I have a Samsung fridge. It makes knocking noises and every once in a while it decides it doesn't want to cool anymore. It is supposed to be a frost free fridge. I have to empty it, defrost it and then fire it up again.
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    How long for funds to reflect NedBank to FNB

    Yes. it is safe to assume it is not coming at all. I have a Nedbank and FNB account. If I pay before 5pm, Monday to Friday it reflects the following day. Only on Saturdays or Public holidays does it not reflect the following day. Then it usually reflects on the following Business day.
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    Share your retrenchment/Unemployment stories and solutions thereof.

    Here's my story, I was hired by a US company (based in SA) in 2002. I worked for them for 10 years. Things went well and I learnt a lot about running a business, dealing with clients etc. Fast forward 10 years. The company gets bought out by a much bigger company in the US. The new company has...
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    Eskom to increase electricity tariffs by 80% to recoup financial losses

    So flat fee will be R180!! This is getting absolutely ridiculous now.
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    Anybody had GERD/Nissen Fundoplication surgery?

    Thread revival ------------------ Hey guys, So I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia over 10 years ago. I was prescribed Nexium daily which my medical aid didn't pay for. So I ended up stopping the Nexium and managing the reflux. I find if I eat regularly and keep the coffee down to a...
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    Turning 40

    Wow, so your wife is completely happy with this, provided you tell her. Interesting. Yeah I was at a comfortable 76kgs in my younger years. Now, I hover at around 85kg. I love beer and chocolate too much.