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    BREAKING: Mbalula dissolves Prasa interim board, places it under administration

    Now the looting will start if there is anything left as there is no board to say yay or nay only where do I make this cheques out to
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    Human Rights Commission confirms it's taking Etzebeth to Equality Court over racial abuse claims

    Damage is done, political points scored white man evil...... nothing else to do and hope and pray it all go away quietly so we dont have to apologize. If it was me I would have demanded a apology from the accuser and the SAHRC. It should also be made clear just as we should not be racist, that...
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    Taekwondo clubs around East rand?

    Hi there, not sure if this is actually meant to b in the sports section or here. (Admins please move if it should not b here) I am looking for Taekwondo clubs in the East rand side. I want to enroll my son to start as a sport primarily and for self defense one day. I need a club that have...
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    10111 call center operators arrested for fraud

    JUST when that guy is on shift .... (At least one did his job)
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    South Africa Faces US Trade Sanctions over Online Piracy

    Ok so they want to restrict the media from SA because we pirate the media..... so now they force us to pirate because we wont get it here anywoo.....
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    Brace yourself for hefty meat prices over the holiday season

    Normally Lamb will go from about R99 pkg to R150 pkg then drop at about Feb again
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    Free data for all South Africans in radical regulatory intervention

    With all the burning down and stealing batteries from the network towers. That costs need to come from somewhere to actually replace those damaged or stolen objects. I am not with either of the two companies but I can also imagine they have a lot of expenses due to the same people that wants...
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    (What Rouxenator thinks are) Funny Pictures Thread - Part 1

    I thought the grinch hates Christmas but it sure as hell looks like he is enjoying the elves at least
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    He is klapping a veltie
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    Ramaphosa slammed after suggesting that prisoners should do hard labour

    I agree with the DA here its not fair to expect them to work, When will they have time to eat KFC and watching DSTV or strippers? But seriously I dont care if it is seen as slavery, they should be stripped of all benefits from this country, they decided to commit a crime and we still have to...
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    "Hugo, bel die polisie!" raises more questions than answers

    It all depends on your area and how the armed response and CPF attitude is, but I guess you can phone either one and let them handle the perp. Our CPF and various armed response are all the happy to take care of these guys and take them to the station.
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    Top Eskom contractors in fresh R75m Kusile slush fund scandal

    They should rack them all up from the biggest amount to the smallest. We need to instill fear that you WILL go to jail for any level of corruption
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    SA urgently needs reforms amid rising risks, says IMF

    They normally say stuff they have no idea what it means but it sounds good
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    That dog saw some bad shyte in his life on that farm, things that were seen cannot be unseen
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    Cosatu says open to some SOE privatisation but not Eskom

    Well to be honest he is right that we should not privatize eskom. Because the new owners will insist Soweto to pay else no lights....