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    The iOS 13 Thread/Discussion

    Would be really nice for them to allow setting Siri to use your preferred applications when making voice commands. Can't ask for a song to play as she defaults to using Apple Music. Unless I'm missing something
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    Telkom CEO cashes out R10.8 million in shares

    The mass loss of fixed line is indicative as to why telkom should start looking at phasing it out. No one "really" has a need for a fixed line connected to a copper infrastructure and the cost to maintain the infrastructure will slowly break their bottom line, if not already. Technology is so...
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    SARS E-Filing 2019 OPEN!

    Submitted as well. Really like the new system.
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    Deductions for PAYE

    We run the same but more because printing all of them only to have 2 people collect is a waste of resources. Also you can view your irp5 details on efiling. This has to be submitted by the company anyways to sars. I think she means that no ones salary meets the minimum requirement for personal...
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    Deductions for PAYE

    Do they use a payroll system? We use Pastel and with my knowledge of how the system works, is deductions are automatically calculated and can't be manually set. It is strange that for a set salary you are being taxed differently as my payslips to date have remained the same, so either there are...
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    Hundreds descend on KwaZulu-Natal's ‘Marikana’ in gold rush

    That is exactly why such a thing should not be legalized. The country should look after its citizens and allowing this is just not safe. It's fine if it was one man because he would be ultimately responsible for his own life but with other people on site, his actions could cause the death of...
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    Hundreds descend on KwaZulu-Natal's ‘Marikana’ in gold rush

    Doesn't mean it shouldn't be applied. The regulations don't differentiate between diy or otherwise and diy in my opinion is standing in a creek shoveling rocks not chipping alongside a sloped face. The risk there is too high to allow legal mining without following safety.
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    Hundreds descend on KwaZulu-Natal's ‘Marikana’ in gold rush

    The problem I have, if he did make it legal is the issue of health and safety, which clearly they are not even slightly compliant.
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    Courier service for a small online store

    I have a friend that has an online store and he uses TCG. Every order I place is next day delivery and for cheap.
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    Would like to start a second hand shop

    I seem to agree. Gumtree and the likes has basically done away with brick and mortar 2nd hand stores. I had a close friend who opened one up and was not long until he closed shop. Not sure of the reasons but if it was profitable or lucrative I'm sure he would not have closed.
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    Yeah I don't see someone using it to buy bitcoin... at least not someone who knows about exchanges. Be interesting for someone in Strand street to go see what the atm price is and check it against luno. The withdrawal fee I don't think is too steep looking at current banking rates, although...
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    Got a response from them. Price is pegged to Luno. ATM fees are fixed at 11%
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    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    Has the digging started? I had that issue and was easy to know when she was out digging. Snout full of dirt.
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    I've heard about one possibly in waterfront... not sure if it has been put in place yet though but I would assume that in order to use the atm, you would need to have one of their wallets with the coins in ( in order for instant transactions ).
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    Good start to a Friday morning. Closed account short positions with 60%. Just going to watch the post dump before entering anymore positions. Likely looking for a long entry.