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    Any Seacom (used to be MacroLan) clients on here?

    Wouldn't say crap connection, but my upload seems to be taking a knock. Edit: Ok internationally it seems to be quite crappy.
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    SA ISP posts “Name and Shame” list of non-payments

    So you telling me you took this to court for R280. I highly doubt it so don't say it was the final step. If court is not feasible, then you know what... you write it off to bad debt but I guess ethics is beyond Vanilla. Edit: Vanilla isn't the first company to have bad debts, but they are sure...
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    Sona 2020

    There were 2 vague responses. 1... the NHI is still going ahead and 2... Section 25 is still being amended however the response to EWC and the referral to a bill that will state what land will qualify for EWC I am quite interested in and is far better than just outright land grabbing. Other than...
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    Minimum wage, is it a legal right?

    Depends if the lunch hour is paid or unpaid. Unpaid means it's 8 hours per day which is about R3500 / month. OP, is the position being filled, essential for the business? Perhaps he is doing his kid a favor. Not condoning paying under minimum wage but if the scenario is "I don't need someone...
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    Business consultants

    Sounds more like you just need to market yourself. Without knowing exactly what you are doing, it's hard to give specific advice. For example let's assume you run a tow truck business... I don't think a business consultant is going to help jack unless you have an issue with efficiency. Here...
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    Hedera Hashgraph

    Risen alot more than 25%. Went 5x from it's all time low of 1c. THis was partly due to news that Google is joining their governance council. That said, for me personally, it a tad too late to jump on this train. That's not to say it's not worth investing as the price can keep going up but a few...
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    ‘Should we rather kill people?’ – Botswana defends elephant hunting decision

    Was just about to say this. When put to the test, they will quickly retract on their statement or probably say they are (insert good quality) and therefore should exist.
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    Overtime rate?

    It's not always cut and dry like that. Sometimes deadlines aren't met due to client or their client if you are subcontracted, and the client is often the one ripping the subcontractor so as a company you either lose a client by refusing to meet deadline, take a loss, or tell your workers "sorry...
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    Do you have a "Plan B"?

    That dream didn't work out too well for John though
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    Raleigh 29 inch from Games

    Depends what you want to do on the mountain. Gravel paths... sure this will do the job. You will have to work a bit as I would think the frame is not very light weight but it will handle gravel just fine. If you wanting to do any rocky paths / downhill, probably at any speed faster than walking...
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    Are these the most annoying phrases you can use in an email?

    I feel your pain. Luckily, for me, being one of the directors I just tell the person to stop being a lazy shyte and summarize the conversation else it will not be actioned.
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    Are these the most annoying phrases you can use in an email?

    I'd say this only irritates me if it is a long trail of communication that needs to start from the very beginning. I often get FYI internally but all the information is on the very next communication below.
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    Do you think Eskom will improve under its new CEO?

    Got to side with Lynn in principle, also why I voted no. Unfortunately if all parties aren't committed to change it isn't going to happen. He is just one man
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    Is it just me or does Billie Eilish suck hairy...

    Reminds me of Lana Del Rey
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    Shunned by the West and China, Zimbabwe turns to U.A.E.

    but you wanted the land and be free of capitalists. Should be grateful you got your wish.