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    What is a gimnasium/gymnasium school?

    In Germany for example a gymnasium is the most advanced of secondary schools geared towards greater academic performance. The other 2 are Hauptschule and Realschule. If I remember correctly Hauptschule goes to 9th grade and is usually geared towards kids that want to learn a trade...
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    Apple September Event Announced for September 14th

    I enjoy their marketing fluff. It's well done.
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    Apple September Event Announced for September 14th

    I do. I was talking about the marketing fluff around pro motion 120hz. They make it sound like they invented 120hz tech.
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    Apple September Event Announced for September 14th

    Pro motion. Apple's marketing fluff is stronger than ever.
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    Will VoWifi etc on Vodacom still work if xfa is flashed to xfe?
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    Private Company vs Sole Prop - Independent Contractor, which to setup?

    Here is an article on what a PSP is. Benefits of a small business corporation if you're not a PSP...
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    Fake metro cops in a car with blue lights bust after trying to hijack courier vehicle

    I see a lot in and around Cape town. What is the point of unmarked vehicles anyway?
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    Bitcoin Thread

    Let me rephrase. Imagine the BTC network processing the same amount of visa transactions and the like, the energy consumption would be far greater. Numbers are out there. Do the math.
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    Bitcoin Thread

    How many transactions does Bitcoin process a second, compared to the banking systems? Let's assume that all traditional banking transactions i.e visa, MasterCard etc would be shifted to the BTC network, how much more miners would the network need to play catch-up? Visa alone does 1700...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

    Isn't YouTube premium family R109 in SA? How much is it when signing up through Argentina?
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    Bitcoin Thread

    Would you not rather buy at 30k? Seems like you've misinterpreted my question.
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    Bitcoin Thread

    Who is buying BTC on the upswing like this?
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    Bitcoin Thread

    And the issue is? If you're making profit from trading or otherwise, why are you exempt from paying any tax on it?
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    Apple rolls out system to scan iDevices and iCloud for images depicting child abuse

    All it says in that specific article So my question is unanswered. If the actual passcode is stored locally on your device only, how would Apple as you say, hack it in minutes or seconds? Can they retrieve the passcode from the encryption keys? It's a genuine question.