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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    intelligent storage device connected to your home or office network
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    Eurolux FS260/FS261 day night switch light not working

    Hey, unfortunately no good news for you from my side, I still mostly walk around with the pole. As the lights are still new(ish) I did not want to take them down and throw them away for new ones so my plan is to take out the day/night sensor (I have tested this, it works as a normal light then)...
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    Eurolux FS260/FS261 day night switch light not working

    From looking through Google Search results I seem to be the only person with this question...which surely cannot be possible?! I recently swapped out my day/night switch and outside lights with the Eurolux FS260 (10w) and FS261 (20w) which has built in day/night sensors. This worked fine for a...
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    Mesh Wi-Fi system recommendations

    I sort of have this with the powerline adapter and the netgear router - my issues is (and maybe it because I am stupid as hell with these things) this router has its own ssid and i cannot secure it (maybe beacause the DGN2200 are very old?) so i switched off the wifi but the wired parts work well
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    Mesh Wi-Fi system recommendations

    Any idea on how i will do this in a flat roof setup without random cables everywhere? Or any chance they are battery operated?
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    Mesh Wi-Fi system recommendations

    Should have added here I have a flat roof - so no hiding stuff in there or running cables in there for the roof mounted Ap's. Never thought I'd want a normal roof this much :(
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    Mesh Wi-Fi system recommendations

    While planning the stages of my DIY smart home build I realised that the 2 furthest points in my house (kitchen to one side (20m from router) and main bedroom to the other side (16m from router) have wifi deadspots (expected this), I added a old DGN2200 netgear router via a tp-link powerline...
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS] I use these ones at the moment - limited to 500mbps but its fine for what it is used for at the moment
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    i have tp link poweline adapters - from my router to the adapter in the wall one side and then on other side from the adapter in the wall to an old router and then mibox connected to that router via wifi as no ethernet port on mine. Powerline adapter do not work in multiplugs - have to be...
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    ONE-DAY Vodacom Promotion - Enter Now

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    Which ISP do you use for your Internet connection at home?

    Mweb - just wish they can give me usable fibre. More trouble than its worth at this stage - for the past 7 months @MWEBHelp
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    Inverter setup - whole house

    Continually thinking about this but it feels if they did that, the circuit is not complete? I dont like playing in the cutover switch as i cannot really switch off the main side, will get a friend electrian to maybe double check that side and possible move the black to left and test from there
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    Inverter setup - whole house

    Agreed but did not query when i was told it must be right - i think i disagree now though. Multimeter showed nothing, but also think it is fault as it did the same on another project. Waiting for the new one to arrive and will test again