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    'A foetus is a human': Anti-abortion doctor charged with unprofessional conduct

    Your opinions hurt my feelings and require me to critically analyse my perception of the world. You're not allowed to be a doctor ReeeeEEEEeeEEE
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    Artificial Intelligence Takes On Earthquake Prediction

    What passes for "AI" these days is just neural nets. Basically PID based input/output units in a web shape. Hardly intelligent... Theoretically if you had enough neurons you could simulate the operation of a brain - or at least the current understanding of how brains operate
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    Do you watch any SABC TV programs?

    ??? It is digitally encoded. It still needs an antenna of some sort to be received by the TV AFAIK they still transmit analogue in some regions
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    What is the most important thing you look for when selecting a fibre ISP?

    In order of importance: Shaping rules Uptime Price The less I have to speak to a human, the better. I only need to speak to a human if: the line is down; or I'm being shaped. I dont care if the help centre is 24 hours. If everything is working, I dont need to call you
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    The modern process for decaffinating coffee is done with supercritical CO2. They used to use other solvents but they're expensive these days. This is done before roasting If you are asking about how to they take the bean itself out of the coffee tree's fruit, then there are two methods: First...
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    Diesel Smoke at idle

    Blue smoke means oil is burning. Either the turbo bearings, piston rings, or a crack in the engine block
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    Splitting Xbox One X & PS4 PRO signal between two TV's

    HDMI has a handshake protocol. The Xbone/PS4 should figure out that the ouput to the FHD screen is not 4K and set itself accordingly
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    Brand Suid Afrika. General thread for stuff that's on fire.

    A prerequisite for Socialism is a lack of intellect and willful commitment to insanity. It's been tried before, and people keep being murdered by their own governments. It isnt a new idea, and has been tried lots of times. Never sucesfully.
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    building a simple, cheap diy water filter

    Get a 20L bucket and fill it with pool filter sand. Dont pay for a commercial in line filter lol. You can also use a flocculant to get the dust out easily that's already in the pool. It isnt expensive EDIT: lots of youtube how-tos This wont filter out colloidal metal particles, so it...
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    Invincible PC components

    I have a 1kW PSU from 2007 that I still use. It is currently powering a GTX1080 and a Ryzen 1700X
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    Anyone tried CellC LTE + Showmax?

    Hi all I have a neighbour that trying to watch showmax on her DSTV decoder over a CellC LTE connection. Speedtest from the decoder says it is getting 11 Mbps. I get similar over the wifi with my phone to Im convinced CellC is shaping showmax bandwidth to promote their own junk...
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    Mechanical HDD recommendations

    Would you consider getting an actual NAS setup with something like a Pi and an external dock? Then you can have the SSD in the HTPC and not have to worry about it
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    Mechanical HDD recommendations

    The major source of wear for mechanical HDDs is repeated start-ups. If you can permanently have the drive on (requires a setting in your OS too such that the drive is never stopped even when not used for a few minutes) then life spans can be astronomical. I've had very good performance with...
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    twitch streaming help please

    Huh, they must have updated the rules since I last gave it a bash :)
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    twitch streaming help please

    Unless you are a twitch partner, accounts are limited to 2500 kbps upload total Try encode 720p CBR 2000 kbps and audio at 192 kbps. That 300 kbps buffer should keep you happy. x264 medium, high profile, no tune if you are encoding with CPU. NVEnc(new) with Max Quality, High Profile motion...