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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    As for batteries chemistries, please note: Lead you can only repeatedly discharge to 50% without killing it. Lithium can use 90% of its capacity for thousands of cycles without capacity degrading more than a few percent. Lead can only be charged at 0.1 C safely, and it is only 60% coloumbic...
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    [W] Macbook Air/Pro 15"

    Looking for a macbook to be used in music production. Must be 15", and i5 or greater. Battery must be in good condition. Some case scratches okay, but screen must be mint. Retina preferred Price: Depends on year/specs. Is packaging essential?: If shipped, ship it properly. Desired age and...
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    Router Battery Backup

    Yes you are right The charging circuit for 95% of panels assume Pb batteries. Remember that Pb batteries can only charge safely at 0.1C (i.e. a 7Ah battery at 0.7A) and as such the power supply itself is just a capacitive dropper circuit set to an ouput of ~13.8V @ ~1A (300mA for nomal panel...
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    Router Battery Backup

    Lead batteries only like to get 50% DoD before you do damage to them (that is decrease their capacity) Just go to communica and replace them with normal sealed 7Ah ones (~R150), then connect two 7Ah batteries in parallel. If they dont fit in the panel box then extend the connections and put the...
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    Flea market razor blades, are they fake?

    Just buy a proper razor that takes actual razor blades, like the one your grandpa had. You can get the blades at clicks - around R2 each. A blade will last a week
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    Artificial Intelligence Will Do What We Ask. That’s a Problem.

    AI!=Machine Learning I've yet to see anything resembling how biological neurons work on any sort of meaningful scale. Using a series of PID loops daisy chained to make "neurons" is not the same thing, especially when you tune it to get results you want. Please stahp. For goodness sake, it is...
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    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    Riversands nearby the place where the Sunday market is
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    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    Taking pups for a walk in the afternoon
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    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    Our Yorkie out to get me:
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    Youtube must see vids part 2

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    Parcel : Malta >>> JHB

    I find it is usually cheapest to get it shipped to the UK then forwarded here. Postboxcourier have served me well with pargo pickup points at the local dischem
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    Sentry vs Griffon

    Any You can buy the Rx modules separately. The gate controller will simply open the gate when the correct pole is brought to ground. All that the remote receiver does is take 12V from the battery and pull a third wire to ground when the remote button signal is received fwiw, I like the...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Body of missing Parktown Boys pupil has been found

    Went through something similar during our Matric. Shame man I hope the family and firends are going to be okay
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    ^^ it can charge lipo based batteries too, you just change the setting in the panel (12S lipo for 50.4 Vmax)