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    Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration

    If I remember correctly that particular seperations process started under the obama administration, not trump's. Hardly trump's fault.
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    The new way TV shows are being pirated in South Africa

    i just read the news tho :/
  3. agentrfr outgoing email problems

    The issue is telkom will not allow sending mail from addresses outside of their own network (relay not permitted) Their old connection used Telekom as their ISP. Now they are using the Estate's ISP, which is not Telekom. There is no fix. Telekom is anal about it. Move them to Gmail and set up...
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    Decent Coffee

    My kinu has served me well and no doubt will continue to do so long into the future I can highly recommend the M47 as a manual grinder
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    convert mp4 to mpeg

    As for anyone else facing similar issues and just wants a script to make it usable: Im going to assume you're on a windows machine First download and update VLC to latest ( Then either build from git or download a recent compile of ffmpeg...
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    convert mp4 to mpeg

    The problem ended up being hikvision using a non-standard header demux format in the mp4 files to declare video and audio formats In reality the video stream is H.265 with a 4:2:0 8 bit BT709 colour space, and a mono AAC LC 16.0 kHz audio track This is probably intentional to make 99% of...
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    convert mp4 to mpeg

    Google drive or work fine for this sort of thing I'm not at home atm but can take a look when I'm home Pm me the link when its up :)
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    Home LAN recommendations

    Just get one of the new Asus wifi6e ones when they come out here. You won't be disappointed
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    convert mp4 to mpeg

    If you give me a link to one of the files I can write a script to process it for you We can prolly just parse it to ffmpeg
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    convert mp4 to mpeg

    Mp4 is a container, mpeg is a group of standards. You probably aren't having luck because your request doesn't make sense PM me if you're okay with me reencoding it for you
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    Yelp Adds New Feature to Flag Businesses Accused of Racism

    I'm pretty sure that constitutes mass-published libel
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    The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread

    Looking good so far for the Rand Give it another 2 hours or so to settle in to a direction before the weekend Also NYSE opens in 20 minutes
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    The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread

    We're testing a lower support at the moment. Could see a breakout to the low side. If so I expect 16.00 to the dollar next week Friday or so
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    Redmi 9A launches in South Africa at R1,999

    Free compulsory CCP membership with every device sold! Plus bonus points for your mandatory cosatu membership rankings!
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    EFT payments reference.

    I dunno about other banks, but my ABSA one is about 10 ASCII chars (incl. symbols) for their and my references