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    Mortymoose's Weber & Buitebraai Offerings to the HO's Gods! - The Resurrection

    Been to long. Finally took pics again.
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    I don’t include minutes so not a consideration for me. Just need anytime data not this bs nighttime.
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    Original contracts were full anytime. Not this combo. If there’s not better available there’s no reason to keep the Black Friday deals anymore.
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    They can shove there nighttime data up their arse. If it’s not decent anytime data their moer. I’m losing that nighttime almost unused every month. Besides they offering some of these contracts as standard. Shows how kak they were as special Black Friday deals.
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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    Even the series thread getting testy
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    Solar Geysers

    what parts are needed? panels, geyserwise, and?
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    South Africans leaving DStv Premium and Discovery Health

    so you not paying tax?
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    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    When Tapatalk has the facility for pics but ppl what your number to send pics. Phone has so many random numbers for sale pics. Need to clean out.
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    Bad Driving thread

    tief taxi driver doesnt feel like stopping behind his illegally stopping colleague. no, he comes into my lane, almost halfway. lane next to me is oncoming. your **** sir, your ****ing ****. of course the hand out the window '**** you im not sorry' wave...
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    South Africa on the brink of major load shedding: DA

    eskom se ma se push
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    Last Man Standing 2019/20: Game 3

    liver ****ing pool feeling saucy
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    Ramaphosa: We are prioritising immigration reform to attract skilled foreigners

    but surely an easy win is to keep people that's already here. they so worried about tax. is the tax the foreigners pay comparable to what citizens pay?
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    Ramaphosa: We are prioritising immigration reform to attract skilled foreigners

    kak versin. why not make us safer so that your citizens stay? ****ing revolutionary thought i know.
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    Opinion on buying your own preferred brand of motor oil and asking dealership to use it

    the brand the dealer uses in my tiida doesnt agree wih it. that dipstick looks loads better if i top it up with the shell helix X8 i think. the blue 5l. i really don't think they putting the premium stuff in. they just buy that big drums don't they?