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    What paid streaming services are you currently using?

    Netflix: Streaming on Telkom LTE, 3G and Fibre 100MBs all good. Series management is average. The interface seems to work a bit better on iOS devices, rather clunky on SmartTV and other devices. Limited selection for RSA version. Showmax: Streaming quality is generally bad (buffering for...
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    Robot War Breaks Out as Roomba Maker Sues Upstart SharkNinja

    Brand, name, link, something!
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    Citroën pulls out of SA (Update August 2019: They're Back!)

    Interesting looking cars, Citroen has always made lookers IMO. Shame they are all overpriced in comparison to SA competition, methinks a pull out will happen again in near future.
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    South African smartphone factory set to launch this week

    But that name :rolleyes:
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    Band Of Brothers Is Getting A Follow Up Series With Steven Spielberg And Tom Hanks On Board

    Heard about thsi happneing a while back, will believe it when I see it
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    How many cards are in your purse/ wallet right now?

    Drivers. Access Card Backup Access Card DR Site Access Card Emergency Credit Card Cheque Card Own Business Cheque Card Company Cheque Card Medical Aid Card Makro Card Ebucks Card Spur Card Business Cards x 10 Woolies Rewards Card Woolies Gift Card Gautrain Card x 2 Too many cards
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    Eskom explains why load-shedding is back

    25%, that is ridiculous! :mad: Time to buy a genny
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    Load shedding is back. Do you have solar, batteries or a generator?

    I have a battery backup pack for my Huawei router, at least we can still surf internets on our phones and watch Netflix on tablets whilst power is out.
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    2017 VW Golf R (Mk7.5 R)

    Ja... same here basically
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    What game are you playing now ?

    Yeah, me too. Pricing should also a little wallet-friendly by then
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    What game are you playing now ?

    Saw Borderlands 3 is coming out... but I still havent finished Borderlands 2 so busy with that for now.