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    Deja-flu: China sounds alarm as 35 people fall ill with 'newly identified' Langya virus

    China is facing internal instability.... Boom, new virus.
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    City of Joburg installs 2,000 LED streetlights

    We've had these in our area for a while. They are pretty useless. The beams are very directional, so only light in a small area below the streetlight. Also, many stopped working fairly quickly, probably crap quality. Overall the streets are much darker.
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    James Webb Space Telescope uses a 68GB SSD

    It's not the size that matters, it's what you do with it.
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    You will get into trouble for sending these messages in South Africa – and could have your devices seized

    Well, they did show, during the covid lockdown grift, that they are more than willing to harass, indimidate and even kill people who disobeyed the covid tsars orders, while actual criminals were running rampant.
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    10 Reasons why Bheki Cele should be fired -Action Society

    I think he has dirt on Ramasaviour. Only reason I can think of that he is still in any sort of position of power.
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    "Rent to own" worth it?

    Taking out a personal loan to finance solar, at 17%,is madness. Take out a further bond if you have to, yes, the bond registration cost is R30k, but you'll be paying 10%,or whatever your bond interest rate is. Over 10-15 years, it will be much cheaper.
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    Smart Circuit Breaker WiFi Issues (ESP)

    Those are u.fl connectors. These iot devices usually have a printed inverted f antenna, which is OK, but not great. If you want to connect an antenna to the connector, just check if there is a 0R resistor to switched between the printed antenna and the u.fl. Also, you will probably have issues...
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    Pool Maitenance Problem

    My thoughts as well. Especially since he has replaced the sand. It is easy to break them.
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    Which handgun do you recommend for EDC?

    I'm guessing post-riot, ammo in Kzn is still in high demand.
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    Which handgun do you recommend for EDC?

    Frontier has become crazy expensive. Last time I bought, it was around R1000/1000 for 147gn.
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    Hardware pricing - The Linus effect

    It has now been a week since I started this thread. Prices are back down: Wootware R1755, Rebeltech R1729, Takealot R2399 (different seller), Dreamwaretech R1729. Serval tracking hasn't updated its graph yet. So there was a definite temporary increase. I still maintain this was due to an...
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    MyBB'ers in the Netherlands

    But you have to pay extra. I'm cheap like that.
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    Twitter goes offline globally

    Too bad it only lasted a short time. The world would be a better place without that cesspit.
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    Hardware pricing - The Linus effect

    If this was the reason, I would think other similar products would see the same happening. Thanks for the case recommendations, but: 1. I don't like white cases; 2. I was so shocked, I rather spent my money on a Lego Saturn V :cool: