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    Budget Soundbar

    Hi Have the HS212 Hisense. Its ok for Bluetooth from phone etc, but my Hisense tv sound overpowers the sound bar and is much louder so i don't use this soundbar that often.
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    Keep one, change one (V)

    dark night
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    Keep one, change one (V)

    Fish Fingers
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    ‘Start paying e-tolls now, and in 5 years we’ll write off your existing debt’

    No thanks. There will never be an incentive for people to pay. Just scrap it.
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    Keep one, change one (V)

    tea break
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    Keep one, change one (V)

    floating shelf
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    KFC and R2 Donations (@AdvBarryRoux)

    At you at KFC to buy food, do you even have R2 to give away:unsure:
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    Picky Eater Test

    :eek:No thanks.
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    Picky Eater Test

    Been Working for Japanese for almost 18 Years. Nah still wont eat the raw fish.:X3:
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    Picky Eater Test

    5 no-no's for me. A few others i prefer not to or would like to stay away;)
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    Makhura says position on e-tolls has not changed

    We can't trust any of them :unsure:. The peoples position on e-tolls is not Flip Flop. We have one position which is we are not paying, however I guess government will take that position as doggy or missionary, whichever one suits them at the time.
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    Is secure parking seen as a "perk" when working at a company?

    Basement and outside parking paid by the company. No charge to us. Here in Sandton landlords charge separately for parking over and above rent, even though the parking is on the property. Seems like the norm now in most areas in the country. We have the basics and maybe more (rooibos, green...
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Had a Problem on Sunday evening with the fibre dropping in and out. Neither Rocketnet nor Vumatel was reporting a problem. Left a message with Rocketnet but didn't receive any feedback from them. Had to wait it out.
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    Three Bavaria hotel guests found dead from crossbow bolts

    Since the bodies where found at the 30 Yr olds home and the other 2 were holding hands, i would assume the 30 yr old shot all bolts.