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    MTN 5G Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    36-month contract R999 PM x 36 Unlimited data plan Includes a Sh@reLink 5G router.
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    Alcohol ban cost South Africa 117,000 jobs and billions in tax revenue

    Stark evidence that the ANC will sacrifice any and all at the altar of ideology. To hell with the outcome, as long as we stick to our guns, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was ill-conceived. Never admit error, never surrender.
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    Expect a big jump in taxes to pay for South Africa’s coronavirus support plan: Dawie Roodt

    I wonder if this prophet of doom gets invited to many parties?
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    Smokers - how you coping with the lockdown?

    Which is my point exactly in my first post. "How are you coping?" was the question. I merely tried to highlight the possibility of taking control of your own perception by specifically addressing the notion that something is being denied vs already being on a road to a positive even if it may...
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    Smokers - how you coping with the lockdown?

    I dunno hey - I wanted to quit for many years, with numerous failed attempts before I managed to. Certainly the majority of those people I spent time smoking with all expressed some desire to "one day" stop smoking. I guess it might be slightly different for everyone though.
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    Smokers - how you coping with the lockdown?

    Sure, but if you have been forced into it like some clearly have then your outlook on the situation will make a huge difference to how you manage to deal with it. If you cannot change the fact that you cannot smoke, adopting a more positive stance may be helpful. Also, I reckon the vast majority...
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    Smokers - how you coping with the lockdown?

    By the time you pass day 3 you have made so much more progress than you realize. From this point your cravings are psychological and not chemical in nature. Recognize for them what they are, know that they will pass shortly and be happy you are freeing yourself from smoking rather than get into...
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    Coronavirus shock could lead to over 370,000 job losses in South Africa: Reserve Bank

    I've been thinking about this quite a lot over that past few days actually. As consumers we can make small choices to buy locally manufactured products instead of imported ones - both now in our limited capacity and after the lock down ends. I know that ProudlySA kind of has this idea but...
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    South Africa's new data privacy laws take effect tomorrow - How to ensure compliance

    I have and to be honest I was pretty surprised by that. I wasn't expecting any.
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    Is the lockdown being enforced in your area

    I don't know because I am where I should be - in my house. Having said that the general area does sound pretty quiet and peaceful, which is nice.
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    Are you prepared for the 21-day national lockdown?

    Buy some extra bread and freeze if you have space?
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    South African businesses can receive financial assistance, regardless of race

    It would be entirely illogical any other way as surely the point is to ensure the survival of businesses - business which employ South Africans of all creeds. Not providing assistance to white-owned businesses would almost certainly mean loss of jobs for non-white South Africans.