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    How did you STOP smoking?

    Ditch the patches and listen to the book. Just do as it says and you will stop smoking. Brainwashing or not the result is that it works, and makes it easy at the same time. No more climbing walls and shouting at family members. It took me three or so days to get through the audiobook and I had...
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    Question about MacBook pro and

    Beware when it comes to Apple Watch issues as well. I have it in writing from the agents that they "are not yet authorized by Apple to replace screens or batteries on Apple Watch". So effectively out of warranty after-sales does not exist in South Africa. They simply quote a replacement unit (at...
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    Would you book a flight on SAA at this stage?

    The last time I flew SAA was to Germany in Dec 2017 and already then it was clear that they were cutting corners to limit costs. The return plane hadn't even been vacuumed in Munich before we departed. So it's a nope from me. London in April will be BA or VA. Thank goodness we have choices to...
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    Couple left angered after being told wedding venue not for same-sex marriages

    Sorry, but I'm not particularly interested in debating the merits of the objectives set out in our constitution. Whether we agree with them or not we currently live under a set of laws governed by it. It has been pointed out in this discussion by others that if one feels sufficiently aggrieved...
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    Couple left angered after being told wedding venue not for same-sex marriages

    I am not sure that the owners in fact do have an absolute constitutional right to select with whom they do business. If they do have any such right I imagine it would likely be limited once again by section 9(4) of the constitution. If there are some judgements in this respect that you are aware...
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    An unthinkable tale of horror: Daughters arrested for their mother’s murder

    As if murder for cash was not bad enough some gang rape had to be chucked in there too? Unbelievable callousness.
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    Couple left angered after being told wedding venue not for same-sex marriages

    As far as my (admittedly lay) understanding of the concept of R.O.A.R goes, it would be that it does not apply. The concept is actually quite misunderstood and it seems that it is not really a "right" in the sense that it is used in argument. Property rights are not unqualified in that they do...
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    Inside Joburg's hospital of death

    Totally. While we as a nation delude ourselves into believing in South African exceptionalism the reality is that we are probably one of the least humane societies on earth. The double-think is quite impressive actually.
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    Inside Joburg's hospital of death

    Not just that - in daily life as well. It's not limited to those providing a service. It has permeated everything - people can't even be bothered to move themselves out of the way of someone else anymore. How many people stop in doorways, at the top or bottom of escalators, randomly on the roads...
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    Airport departure taxes - crazy quote.

    This is actually a great question because it doesn't seem like it is reported consistently. Perhaps different airlines have different policies around what they consider a tax and what is considered fare (I'm thinking the fuel surcharge may be moved to taxes specifically in order to manage the...
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    Holiday Recommendation (Bucket list)

    If you were to do Germany I would suggest chucking Prague in there too. It's an easy train trip from Munich or Berlin and is very cool and reasonably priced if you are savvy. We've been in summer and over Christmas and enjoyed both immensely. We are fighting the urge to go back as it seems every...
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    The Mariana Trench

    Nature really is quite incredible. There is so much wonder to be appreciated.
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    SAA desperately needs its government bailout

    I see it is back now. But I am thinking maybe I should head over to that of another airline just in case.
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    SAA desperately needs its government bailout

    I see is out of action. Says web page blocked. Interesting.