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    Big New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    You have the freedom to implement it as an on-premises workload or in the cloud, allowing you to leverage off your existing hardware
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    Robert Mugabe has died

    Did they? With ZANU winning the last election with a mere 50.8% of a national vote in which it was alleged that people aged 141 are registered to vote, and in one instance a single address had over 100 registered voters?
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    Robert Mugabe has died

    If only it meant that Zimbabwe would be getting a new chance to break free from the destruction he presided over like we all hoped it would when we looked forward to this day. Unfortunately it seems that the crocodile has robbed them of this.
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    How did you STOP smoking?

    I suppose it is different for everyone but I can remember hearing the nonsense about how quitting smoking is as hard as giving up heroin. It's rubbish and frankly just being committed and mindful until day three is enough.
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    How did you STOP smoking?

    I'm not sure terming the initial phase as "hell" is helpful. I think it scares people and puts them off trying. It's more like mild discomfort if you are aware of what is happening and accept it for what it is. It can be a lot easier than most are led to believe.
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    Where to get Stainless Steel bent

    Maybe try If they don't have the right kind of bending machine or can't help with a once off maybe they can direct you to someone who can.
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    DStv price cuts in Africa

    I dunno hey. Paying 37% less to watch adverts and repeats is still paying to watch adverts and repeats. Note sure I'd be able to go back even at a reduced price.
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    The SABC is a complete mess

    The only time I consume any of their broadcasts is 5FM in the mornings on my way to work for about an hour from 05:30. Lately I have noticed that the only adverts which play (repeatedly) during that time are from Rain and The National Lottery. Are their other radio stations also seemingly...
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    Axxess Fibre price cuts - Competition

    Vumatel fibre to the home Combo 200/200Mbps Uncapped Combo R1405
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    How did you STOP smoking?

    Allen Carr audio book. It took me about three days to get through and that was the end of that. Just over a year for me since my last puff. Best decision.
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    5 reasons why South Africa won’t become the next Zimbabwe: economist

    There are actually a few differences, chief of which was 14 November 1997 when the Zim dollar lost almost 72% of it's value against the US dollar and the local stock market plunged 46%. The slide looked gradual after a seriously damaging event.
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    How much do you tip Mr Delivery and Uber eats drivers? Apparently you could be tipping them even if you don't tip them...
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    New Giveaway - Enter Now

    you get a partner that’s there for you with insights and guidance every step of the way.
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    The Slowest (Modern) Car You've Driven?

    This x 1000 for me for those Uber drivers. Total lack of understanding of how to actually operate a car. It actually makes me nervous to drive with them because they are clearly not capable.
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    The Slowest (Modern) Car You've Driven?

    I think this is has more to do with people not actually understanding what a gearbox is for than anything else. I'm convinced a large portion of our population thinks that if you gear down your engine will explode.