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    Female college student designs chair that blocks 'manspreading'

    I could "manspread" (or as I prefer to call it, "AirMeBalls" on either chair.
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    Kotanyi Fried Chicken Spice [Austria]

    Amazon + Aramex?
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    Calling all journalists – Switch to a career in tech

    The Payslip request theory is reaching a bit in my view...
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    Virgin active membership

    Yep, Gym contracts. "Joining fee" is only where the scam starts.
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    Government moves ahead with plans to ‘decolonise’ South African schools

    I would be more interested in tribal history than recent political history.
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    Undisputed winner from Zuma’s train-wreck testimony is Ramaphosa

    Well he isn't in Dubai yet...
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    Takealot's new annual sale

    See above
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    Takealot's new annual sale

    They likely upped the prices before announcing the Amazon clone thing
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    Ramaphosa gives green light for army to go into Cape's gang-infested areas

    Not so easy these days, all the paople that work shifts (waiters, drivers, security etc) need to get to work and back.
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    Takealot's new annual sale

    Think you are about a week late...
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    State capture inquiry begins

    And back on Friday.
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    Takealot is launching a South African answer to Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’

    Came here to say this, you beat me to it.