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    Samsung 840 EVO 500gb Solid State Drive

    Item name: Samsung 840 EVO Solid State Drive Age and condition:New and unused Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes. 3 Years Reason for selling: Excess of my requirements Price: R3000 Negotiable: No Location: Boksburg Shipping or collection: Shipping at buyers cost Phone: 0824492704
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    iPhone 6 or 6 plus?

    I have had my 5s 32gb since they were launched in Australia last year and to me the choice was between a white surround or a black surround display, as I keep my phones in covers for protection as well as better grip. In the mean time I have also purchased a gold and black LG G3 to try out the...
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    Bose Companion 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System

    SOLD Item name :Bose Companion 3 series II multimedia speakers to compliment any laptop or desktop. Consists of 2 Satellite Speakers and a Sub Woofer. Volume is controlled by a separate controller incorporating headphone and line-in jacks. Connection is via 3.5mm mini jack so it can also be...
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    iPhone 5 white/silver 32gb

    SORRY SOLD --Item name (be very descriptive): iPhone 5, 32Gb, White and silver --Age and condition:Approx. 1 year, unmarked-like new! --Do you include packaging: Yes --Warranty: No --Reason for selling: Upgraded to iPhone 5s --Price:R5000 --Negotiable: No --Location:Boksburg --Shipping or...
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    iPhone 5 white/silver 32gb - PRICE DROP!

    -Item name : iPhone 5, 32gb, white/silver --Age and condition:Excellent condition, scratch free, 11 months old. --Do you include packaging: Yes. Owned by pensioner so very low usage. All the original accessories supplied. Case in attached photo supplied with phone. --Warranty: No --Reason for...
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    iPhone 5 white/silver 32gb

    Deleted and reposted above.
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    Which iPhone 5s model released in SA?

    I have checked the Apple site and they have SA as the A1530. This is the same for Australia. The other GSM model is the A1533. They differ slightly on bands. The only problem is getting our future LTE Bands right.
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    Which iPhone 5s model released in SA?

    Hi , I am ordering an iPhone 5s from Australia and would like to know which model was released in South Africa. An urgent answer would be appreciated. I have not had a problem in the past as my present iPhone 5 was bought there and the model matches with the locally released one. Thanks
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    Cannot receieve message on bbm in my iphone from blackberry user

    I use an iPhone 5 and my BBM works perfectly. But I have downloaded the latest app and deleted the first release. Don't forget the settings in the Notifications Centre.
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    No Service error

    Getting this on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.02:mad:
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    Need battery recharge cover for iPhone 5

    I had a Mophie Juice Pack on my iPhone 4S, but found it too bulky and heavy in my trouser pockets - so I gave it away with the phone when I sold it. It was very well made though.