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    Your Three Car Garage?

    Jaguar i-Pace as daily driver Aston Martin Valkyrie for fun Lexus LX570 for offroading
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    The Craft Beer Thread

    Eish, I'll send my CRM guy there to check on our own stock.
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    The Craft Beer Thread

    Off the top of my head: Loco Liq Blairgowrie NGF illovo Tops Norwood Tops Fourways Gardens Tops Bel Air
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    The Craft Beer Thread

    Woo, we (Drifter) make the "Best beer in Africa".
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    The Craft Beer Thread

    Oh hi guys! We're canning our Oyster Gose tomorrow. Will be available in our tap room from Friday.
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    New Suzuki Jimny (Jeep thingies Part II)

    I really like the steel wheels on the GA spec.
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    The Craft Beer Thread

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    2018 Suzuki Swift & Dzire (4th Generation)

    Suzuki does a lot of things right, but safety is not one of them.
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    International latency post Seacom

    Forgive me if this has been covered before - I did a quick search and didn't really find anything useful. Most of the talk on MyBB regarding the Seacom cable seems to be centred around pricing and bandwidth packages. I'm far more interested (as a gamer) on how, if at all, Seacom will affect...
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    I just dropped my samoosas on the floor...

    ... of the undercover parking at Norwood Mall... ... and then ate them anyway. Hope I'll live :p
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    When are the T-shirts arriving?

    Hi Cara and the MyBB team, I don't want to be a nag here, but when are the MyBroadband tees arriving? Also, how are they going to be distributed to forumites? Did I miss something where we were supposed to sign up for one or something? All I did was click "medium" on the poll... Thanks! BC