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    How much Uber drivers earn in South Africa

    Some poeple own 4 or 5 uber vehicles, so they must be making money. In an 8 hour day, the drivers only have to do 1.8 trips to make R12000 a month, the poor resturant workers work 8 hour's a day and walk home with about R3800 a month. I would rather be a Uber driver.
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    SpaceX President says Starlink won't offer tiered pricing

    I'm going to try it. I have the offers of 200Mbps package at R1,045 on the Frogfoot network and I get 26mbps on some days, last test 79mbps (Not impressed). I have been paying in the R1400 for years so Hopefully not to many people will be on it in PE area and i might have some speed.
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    DStv responds to government’s plan to make popular sports free to watch

    Who's going to pay the soccer players now???? They'll go on strike. I'm sure supersport is not going to spend money onsomething they have to give away for free anyway
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    Concern over South Africa’s matric maths marks

    1 + 1 =2, very difficult to manipulate. Other subjects easy!
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    The first South African smartphone vs Huawei and Samsung

    Government money thrown away.
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    Don’t kill small businesses - Promote Airbnb

    Years ago we had the hotel fighting the B&B's over the same issue. Both Hotel's and B&B's can use airbnb to market themselves. Airbnb is only a marketing tool, that helps consumers make decisions.
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    Why you should buy MultiChoice shares - CEO

    Naspers has seen the light, getting rid of asset that is doomed!
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    One thing that should have been asked what service a person in paying for. eg mine is Telkom 40mg ASDL (2 km form exchange)
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 32ms Download: 32.25Mbps Upload: 9.3Mbps
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    The best-designed PC monitor I've ever used

    I still think a monitor with 16:10 (1920 * 1200) ration is one of the better ones to get. The 4K the text gets so small useless as office monitor.
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    Showmax shutting down streaming in Europe

    naspers getting rid of dstv as well. the righting is on the wall. no more ripping off consumers.
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    NASA investigates SpaceX because Elon Musk smoked weed

    But one can take "Opioids", that kill more people than cannabis, because it legal.
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    DStv offering “secret deal” to ex-clients

    They gave me bad customer service year's ago, when credit card was stolen and blocked by banks so there was a payment Stuff up (they didnt give a ****, they were lord almighty as there was no compitition) and i was a loyal subsciber from the start. Will never forget that! Finaly last year August...