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    Have you ever declined a job offer?

    Yep, was headhunted by a SaaS company who made big promises during the interview. When the offer came through it was a 10% increase and they advised me to move my medical aid as they did not pay for medical aid so the effective offer was a 1% increase where I had to travel further for work...
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    Gear here

    Yeah, replying to an older thread but will recommend Gearhere to anyone who is looking to buy from them. Service. Is awesome, Kevin respond to queries almost immediately and the service is what stood out for for me. Will be purchasing from them again very soon.
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    Would you buy a Tesla Powerwall?

    If only, eskom want to charge you for listening and helping them out by going solar.
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    When did you last change banks?

    Banked with SBSA when I joined as an employee, changed over to FNB about 6 years ago purely due to crappy service from SBSA. Looking at moving to Capitec as the R400 account fee with FNB is just ridiculous.
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    How quickly can Cool Ideas activate my line.

    This week, I am managing with the team, Team is checking and managing for me, Itumeleng on it, started a few days back.
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    How quickly can Cool Ideas activate my line.

    The struggle is real. My son plays fortnite on his laptop..... Check out the Amazon aws service. Just logged a call and gonna wait on support.
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    WebAfrica made an unauthorized debit of R999

    Confirmation is needed on what type of transaction it is, if debit order no bank can refuse a reversal unless there is an authorized DebiCheck mandate in place that you have approved. If it is a card transaction the bank will reverse it as an unknown or fraud transaction on your account. If it...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    @PBCool, @TheRoDent, Hi, having constant connection drop off since yesterday. Zoom meetings going to ****. Have done all the usual, power cycle, reset, waited 15 mins. Please advise. COOL-20200325-401106
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Thank you, line working again.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Same one as previously inboxed. COOL-20200312-393377
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    @PBCool, @TheRoDent, I have been without internet for a week already with no resolution in sight as the Vuma service manager does not respond to your staff right. If I cancel with CISP would it be fair to request an immediate cancelation without the month notice, I mean CISP have not been...
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    Worst company support and service

    All of them have issues. I think I have been an ardent supporter of CISP and felt issues were small but what I can't stand is lack of service and responses. Literally thinking of moving now and going through threads to see what might be better. Also, just reverse the debit order with your bank...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    @PBCool @TheRoDent, what is the point of logging tickets when we have to come here for actual support and/or answers, I mean I love the forum but support via the client area is weak at the moment.