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    Honda Ballade 1.5iVTEC 2015 Starter Motor (MITSUBA SM-74019)

    where you based? there is a place in milnerton side that stocks parts - try diesel eletric to recondition these
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    now if the City will scrap that tax the slapped on during the drought.
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    Absa Family Banking Giveaway - Enter Now

    You will get a monthly payment of R2 500 for two consecutive months
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    Vodacom Uncapped Fibre Giveaway - Enter Now

    Free installation + activation with router
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    ROB ROSE: The most shameful moment of SA’s lockdown

    enough is enough ... the laws defy logic. this is reaching crises point and people will not care. You allow taxi's to operate at full capacity, yet you refuse other industries who have the "CORRECT" sanitizing equipment? How does it make sense? I support ideas and proposals to limit the spread...
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    Discovery Insure Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Car insurance | Up to 50% of your fuel spend back every month for driving well
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    Has there been salary cuts at your company?

    have you all taken pay cuts but worked full hours? can your company force you to work full hours with a pay cut?
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    Big Giveaway- Enter Now

    What i liked MOST about the deal -- uncapped fibre R499 p/m
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    A Daughter Is Beheaded, and Iran Asks if Women Have a Right to Safety

    Murder is murder. no need for cultural variances or the callout-thereof.
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    A Daughter Is Beheaded, and Iran Asks if Women Have a Right to Safety

    actually.. its not.. its happening from people with no association to religion...
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    A Daughter Is Beheaded, and Iran Asks if Women Have a Right to Safety

    this is disgusting! WTF?!? the lawyer and father should be set for capital punishment.
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    Help me understand Car Insurance

    dont both.... personal experience with a broker and numerous insurance companies... they do not bother going after those whom impacted you. They look at the viability of the person being able to pay you back and they simply write it off. Legal costs etc outweighs the cost to pursue repayment...
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    George Floyd death

    whilst facts are quoted, POLICE DO TREAT other race groups with prejudice - proven. this is also part of lockdown with pent up frustration.. at the end of the day, a person was killed by those who are mean to protect them. Back home... took a run in constantia, was politely asked by 3 different...
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    George Floyd death

    even when looting... still wearing masks :)