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    Exhaust Emissions Light on and flashing after Decatting

    start with the cheapest. Change the plugs. if that doesnt work... Ask that mechanic who has a brother with same car... swap out coil packs - worth a try. If you have a cat fooler then it should solve the issue.
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    Moody's downgrades SA metros to junk status

    the fact people take moodys rating as the gospel is concerning... taking into account they f#cked up nicely a few times... A rating agents is not work the name it holds.... and the "educated" follow this shows the lack of confidence the educated investors have...
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    CEO suspensed for looting booze,appliances

    any we get social media saying this is deeper than looting and crime blah blah blah... PROOF that its not apartheid or inequality that is the cause of this.. its thieves. Kla.
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    Army to deploy 20,000 more troops in South Africa to quell violence and looting

    Rama "pose" lost it. He has lost everything. No matter what he does now... too late. When he needed to show face, he couldnt. Much like when lockdown started... sterk gevriet... but when the "jol" got heated.. him and Cele was sleeping... They can only deal with "civil people"... i wait for the...
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    Food shortages expected in South Africa after looting in KZN and Gauteng

    they can come try... many many communities will not be as "polite as the police" ....
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    Food shortages expected in South Africa after looting in KZN and Gauteng

    is this the SABC conspiracy to have a national levy to licensing being applied? the ironic thing.. they gonna ask for extension of the covid relief funds...
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    Zuma’s daughter accused of inciting riots in South Africa

    the law will do NOTHING!!! cause well... she is pro-anc... and it will just be swept under the rug....
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    Zuma Unrest: SSA looking at possibilities of xenophobic violence and right-wing extremism

    they have time for "intelligence" they are thick as 2 bricks. just kill the thugs.
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    200 shopping malls looted, and an estimated R2 billion lost: has Ramaphosa made a mistake?

    so all this instigation of unrest and "no will be jailed for posting this n that online" is b#llshit. The ANC and ilk have been doing over n over... So happy to see some of the looters got on their moer. FYI... maybe you should by illegal arms... cause the police aint gonna protect you or your...
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    Buying a used suv

    at the current economic rate.. a nice anti mine tank from Denel is going for a "steal"....
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    Water pump explodes - shortages expected in Joburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane

    but sars will ask only once... pay your taxes.. for this K#K service.
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    E2000 1024GB M.2 PCI-e Gen 3 Maximum Write Speed 2100MB/s
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    Apartheid racial classification laws scrapped 30 years ago

    you all still on about this? really?!?!??! Apartheid was bad. Whats happening now is bad, but not as bad as apartheid. PERIOD. CASE CLOSED. If you (family) DID not have to be forcibly removed, not allowed to enter certain places or had to carry around a proof of your reason for being in a...