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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Check if this will help, it was put together by another forumite, @Tinuva , to deal with the same issue, I think.
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    The plan to roll out fibre and security cameras in Soweto

    That might be so, but how often have we been able to equate BEE with excellence?
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    Simple load shedding solution with Sonoffs - idea.

    Look at this on Github. It was created by another forum member, @Tinuva Maybe it's exactly what you are looking for.
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    No more excuses for absent traffic officers during load-shedding - AA

    This is exactly what the AA is suggesting - deploy officers to major intersections.
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    WISP recommendations for Gordon's Bay / Strand

    I will check for obstructions between myself and the POP, now that I know where the POP is. Unfortunately for my neighbors, I am the guy in the large double storey house. :)
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    WISP recommendations for Gordon's Bay / Strand

    Cape Connect was the first WISP I contacted. I am meters outside coverage area, and I was told you couldn't provide service to me at my current address.
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    WISP recommendations for Gordon's Bay / Strand

    I cancelled online (right, I'll give everyone a moment to stop laughing....done?), and right after I got the confirmation SMS (confirming that they are aware I lodged a cancellation request, not that they actually cancelled), I phoned them up and insisted that the request be escalated for...
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    WISP recommendations for Gordon's Bay / Strand

    I have just cancelled my Telkom LTE Uncapped contract. Gave up when it took nearly 24 hours to download a 129MB file. I am looking for recommendations to help me decide on which WISP to sign up with. I don't have access to fiber, although 3 providers have fiber running right past my house. ADSL...
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    My sonoff camera arrived.. and I'm impressed

    How do you organise the Paxi handoff? Buying anything from overseas and entrusting it to the tender care of SAPO keeps me awake at night. Paxi sounds so much better.
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    Connex and Home Assistant

    Have you looked at Wyze Sense? Tiny sensors that integrates into Home Assistant via the included USB hub. Check here.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Lots of uses. The item description tells you what it is capable of, but with some imagination you can do much more. Some of the most basic things: Trigger lights on or off by looking at light levels, not sunrise or sunset times. Trigger HVAC to maintain temperature. Maintain humidity based on...
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    Sonoff Devices / Sonoff with Tasmota

    I flashed my devices with ESPhome, and don't need MQTT. After flashing over USB, subsequent flashing is Ota, and communication is via an Api, all handled by the ESPhome integration. Integrating Google Assistant and HA exposes all HA devices, including the Sonoffs, for control via voice or...
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    ADT Samsung Smartthings Kit

    Check out the AD2USB device. Apparently it can connect Home Assistant to your ADT panel, as long as your HA instance can access the USB device.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    The Wyze cams support RTSP with a firmware upgrade (provided by Wyze), which means HA integration is possible, so that's one less app.
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    Sonoff Devices / Sonoff with Tasmota

    For power-on state, check this out: Tasmota Power-On state