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    What game are you playing now ?

    I will take 4 over 5 any time. Does 5 have a big open world? Absolutely. Why is that a problem? It's mostly flat and boring. The map makes the wingsuit redundant. No cool mountains to fly through. As mentioned, my biggest gripe is the lack of weapons. There really is a pathetically small...
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    Stage 2 load shedding hits South Africa

    Coffin meets final nail
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    Has there been salary cuts at your company?

    35% pay cut, so far till November No increase, No bonus. working with 40% of our staff. Full hours sometimes unpayed overtime as well. I question the legality.
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    China bubonic plague: Inner Mongolia takes precautions after case

    More than 300, less than 30 Let's call it 300 and 30, that's 10% So twice the killing power of covid
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    Farm Attacks

    Not a police report This is how they are currently reporting news
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    Farm Attacks

    So I am giving the Opera news reader another chance and this is the 'report' on the murder of Wynand Breedt. Below is verbatim. "According to police, the confrontation occured around 22:30. A 45-year-old staff was create quite with a gunfire wound to his chest. Police are next up on leads in...
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    Have you ever had a car stolen?

    Mazda 323 Handbrake was shot Brakes sometimes do nothing When it rained the footwell filled with water Joke was on them. Got something better when insurane paid out
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    Awesome games to buy in the 2020 Steam Summer Sale

    I've got a lot of time on it, but for the last few months I log in, do a few daily's to earn some gold and keep the streak going and that's it. I amke about 2 - 3 gold a day playing for 20 minutes. Only once in a while do log on with the intent of spending real time playing the game. There...
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    All benchmark results show the CPU is the bottleneck. The card is sound.
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    Awesome games to buy in the 2020 Steam Summer Sale

    It is a bit of a grind, but making gold is actually very easy. There are seven daily tasks which nets 0.2 gold per taks = 1.4 Gold You also have 3 daily tasks per role netting the same. so if you have all roles = 2.4 gold Theoretically you can earn 3.8 gold a day that's excluding the gold you...
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    Damn Guess the majority of people on MyBB come from filthy rich families. If I told my dad back in the day that I'm not working, because R12k a month is a 'pittance' he would've chucked me out to live on the streets.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    It would have been a gimmick, sure, but give the real reason why you are not including it anymore. My guess is the time cruch to make every wall in the game wall runnable.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    While I do not care about them removing the feature, stating the reason is because no third person is bullcrap. There is a game called Mirror's Edge. A parkour game entirely in first person and it works great. Silly excuse on their part.
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    Opera GX

    Opera in general has become garbage. The regular browser keeps opening tabs for adverts, which is ironic as opera has a built in adblocker which blocks everything except operas own pop-up and tab ads. The news reader, which was great, has as of this year gone down the toilet. They have a new...
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    Funny how I have only now in the last few years reached a salary just above R12k after tax and I am not Depressed, desparing or have massive debt. My life is pretty decent actually