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    Department of Justice ransomware - backups encrypted and 50 BTC ransom demanded

    Then why didn't they set the record straight when contacted by MyBB, last paragraph: The Department of Justice did not respond to multiple requests for comment on whether its backups were encrypted and how much money the attackers demanded
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    De Ruyter says Eskom doesn't deserve taxpayer money, but must increase tariffs

    No, no he doesn't. How was the previous Eskom management pre 1994 able to build so many power stations and still supply cheap electricity.
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    10" Tablet

    What's it going to be @marine1 ? A7, S6 Lite, S7 or teclast?
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    10" Tablet

    I can confirm, was refunded R500 on an xbox
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    Voicy does Norway

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    10" Tablet

    The R4900 is worst case, Amazon adds all shipping costs and import duties onto the price for you. FWIW, ordered a laptop 3 months ago off them and never had any additional charges from Amazon/customs.
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    10" Tablet

    Just ordered the Galaxy Tab A7 64gb last night off Amazon l, with extra 64gb SD card, screen protector and kids carry case for 4900 last night. The Tab S6 Lite was there too but the Galaxy Tab S7 would be the next step up, very cheap on Amazon compared to SA prices.
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    Xiaomi is bracing to take on Samsung and Huawei in SA

    I've also started seeing ads, every day on the file manager app, I'll see a video or some ad pop up. I've always loved Xiaomi but these ads are irritating.
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    Stopping load-shedding (in the short term) is easy, but it's a bad strategy - Eskom

    Yeah, coz he introduced load shedding to us, he should pay right
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    Stopping load-shedding (in the short term) is easy, but it's a bad strategy - Eskom

    Don't think it was loadshedding which is controlled, it was just a f up that time
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    Comair ready to relaunch Kulula and British Airways flights on 1 September

    When my flights were cancelled, I had to manage my booking and it asked whether I wanted credit or a refund. I chose refund and was paid
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    The Hundred 2021 Cricket series

    How good was Stirling! Never expected it at all