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    Do you think News24’s digital subscription service will be successful?

    So, who else still habitually click on news24 just to go: crap, need to update my bookmarks ?
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    News24 unveils digital subscription service at R75 per month

    So, only the people that can afford R 75 per month will be 'allowed' news, pretty much killing the voices of 90% of our population Nice ...
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    Home Assistant : Q&A, Tips & Tricks, Your Configs

    Not sure if the same, but my setup only works if the controller boots first, and then the flashed tasmota devices restarted. Still figuring out how to do that automatically, but worth a shot ?
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    Guitar lessons

    Look at RockSmith, I started last year, now practice over 2 hours every day, and built my own (kit) guitar this year I tried acoustic, tried classical, electric just works so so much better ... I wish I actually did RockSmith 4 years ago Yes, it is a game, but it teaches you real guitar...
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    LGInnotek device is showing on my network.. how can I find it?

    Give it an IP and run every ids tool you can against it ... It's a good learning experience Then block / cut it [sometimes it is something very innocuous, like a management port on a known device]
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    Number of bad sectors and Hard Drive Health?

    If I see a bad single sector on a drive, I backup and replace if necessary, or just replace
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    Supersonic – from unknown to top-rated ISP in South Africa

    Sheesh. Enough money can buy anything. Same ISP. Same service team. Same oblivious approach to service levels. But, if you have some pigeons to use as backup, going for it
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Got sorted, they are awesome !
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Hmm, so: in theory, let's say somebody did plan for a good Xmas break, but consumption was a bit higher than expected, and let's say that somebody is in Gauteng, Hypothetically, which 'dispensary' could facilitate a good new year ?
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    DRS for Rugby, when?

    So watching more and more rugby games where the influence of the ref's and 3'rd umpires decisions can not be negated, the thought is just this: Why is there no DRS system for Rugby yet? Surely this would not impose such a burden on the system? At most it might extend the game a few...
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    Extent of Eskom problem 'hidden from public'

    Problem 'hidden from public' The only good thing about the new round of rolling blackouts is that it has made the public aware of the extent of the Eskom calamity, says the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry...
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    Springboks EOYT 2012

    Fixed it for ya ...
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    Article: Boks an 'embarrassment'

    My dear Mr. Dick & Co -- "The fish always stinks from the head downwards."
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    Vodacom: Contract question

    Hi all: I've always just went for the phone I wanted and got whatever package was appropriate, but I'm sitting with a bit of an issue at the moment, and I hope that someone can give me a bit of direction. 1. My dad has a contract phone with Vodacom: It's expiring soon, and after a lot of...