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    Looted chicken farm leads to job losses

    That could be said of the South African government's approach to almost everything as well.
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    The ANC has revived its wealth tax proposal

    The tax in SA is already insane and delivers none of the value you would expect from such an extortionate tax rate (healthcare, retirement, education, public transport, basic services etc.). What we really should be doing is finding every way possible to LOWER tax. Claw money back from the...
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    Gordhan sends SOS to trade union Solidarity, accepts offer to help Eskom with critical skills

    That is a blatant lie. In my family alone there were two senior (white) engineers, mechanical and electrical, each with 20+ years of experience at Eskom that were retrenched during the BEE transformation wave. They work in other North African countries now.
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    Gordhan sends SOS to trade union Solidarity, accepts offer to help Eskom with critical skills

    Eskom hollowed out its engineering core with the BEE transformation wave. That is not the natural order of handover at an engineering company. The old guard are supposed to train up and mentor the next generation of engineers, but that process was completely disrupted. So even if they brought...
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    Dutch to make working from home a legal right – and the rest of Europe could follow

    It's no joke, I used to get the flu at least 3-4 times a year, always someone coming into the office sick. Been working from home for 4 years now and I've only been sick once when my daughter came home sick from school.
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    Labour unions accept Eskom's 7% wage increase

    That may well be the strategy, but I completely disagree with it. They should be sending a message loud and clear, this will no longer be tolerated and the free ride is over at Eskom. Only those who deliver get rewarded. The current message is what we typically see, rampant criminality will be...
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    Labour unions accept Eskom's 7% wage increase

    I've completely lost confidence in De Ruyter after this fiasco. I had some confidence in him after he'd been doing a good job cleaning out the criminality in Eskom, bringing it back to being financially sustainable and wanting to onboard IPPs. It's not the riots, strikes or loadshedding. In a...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Also on OpenServe, Brackenfell. Dead.
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    SA court rules that dismissing cannabis-using employee was fair

    There is a bit of an interesting double standard here. In workplaces that test for alcohol, a breathalyzer is the standard test. Those are a reasonably good to show someone has recently consumed alcohol. So having a couple drinks the night before, you would be in the clear. The CEO probably has...
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    Eskom loses 10 generating units - brace for Stage 6 power cuts

    A decade ago we needed private power generation. Eskom cannot be fixed.
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    A big 32-hour workweek test is underway. Supporters think it could help productivity

    I’m aware time between people of different skill, experience and internal company knowledge is not 1 to 1 comparable in terms of output. However, I’m not being crazy either, it’s a phenomenon that happens all the time in the industry I’m in (software development). Programming seems to attract...
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    A big 32-hour workweek test is underway. Supporters think it could help productivity

    I’m not sure why they’re baffled, the answer comes back to competition. There are two things you can do with productivity gains, you can use them to reduce hours and stay the same or you can use them to compound your productivity. If you reduce your hours but your competitors don’t, you fall...
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    Eskom's generating capacity destroyed - from 2018 to 2022

    Two of my extended family were caught up in that. Each with 20+ years of experience at Eskom, a mechanical engineer and an electrical engineer, retrenched in the "transformation" wave. They work in a north African country now expanding their grid, welcomed with open arms and USD.
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    ConCourt hears of ‘human catastrophe’ after Eskom cuts off municipalities owing billions

    Exactly this. The municipality received the money from the consumers, then the muni outright stole the money, now Eskom has no choice but to cut the muni off. All the anger gets directed at Eskom while the pigs are laughing at the trough. It's pointless discussing how the muni should budget...