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    Is Covid-19 just a hype?

    The typical influenza is a curse yes, however it is largely left to spread without intervention and it still isn't an overwhelming drain on healthcare systems. Covid-19 has had drastic intervention by many countries. Yet it is still managing to completely overwhelm healthcare systems, consuming...
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion 2

    Some countries are also allowing outdoors exercise, public transport, going to work and small gatherings. They are only gradually increasing the lockdown rules as they realize these half measures are not enough and ending up with having to prolong their lockdowns. Italy has one of the strictest...
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    21-day nationwide lockdown announced for South Africa

    There are 3 cases where you are allowed to leave your premises: 1. To buy groceries. 2. For medical purposes. So, to go to the pharmacy, the doctor or hospital. 3. For work that has been declared essential, you will know if you are part of this group. No, you are not allowed to jog or walk the dog.
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    Well it is 00 00

    I was at Engen close to my house about 20 minutes before the lockdown to grab a few things (they had fully restocked). They said they would be open 24/7 as per usual and everything they normally sell would be available.
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    709 coronavirus cases in South Africa

    This is why we need the lockdown.
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    What does a lockdown mean for residential complexes?

    Our complex is all houses and the following rules are being enforced: 1. Anyone who is not a resident of the complex will not be permitted to enter the complex. 2. Everyone is confined to their houses. 3. Use of common areas is prohibited (parks). 4. No exercising, walking dogs, children...
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    21-day nationwide lockdown announced for South Africa

    Once they have the situation under control locally and are confident there are no more untraced cases, they are going to have to make another tough call. Shutting down the borders and stopping international travel. If they don't shut down the borders, we will have to repeat this process again...
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    Question regarding creche fees

    Generally how creche and school fees work is that your monthly payment is paying off a total amount for the year. So unfortunately no discount. If the kids are at home for even 3 months, you would still be making your monthly payment as per usual. The only exception here would be if that...
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    Are you working from home?

    For software development, that is one of the easiest jobs to transition to working from home. Take note of the massive and complex projects that are developed entirely remotely (Linux, Kubernetes, Gitlab etc.). The tools for remote code collaboration are excellent. Passionate developers don't...
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    Are you working from home?

    For those that can actually do their work from home, not just being sent to sit at home, you might very well see a big productivity increase.
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    Virus 'god's punishment' of west, says Zimbabwe minister

    It probably is already there, but with completely collapsed infrastructure and health care they wouldn't be able to track it.
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    UKZN removes 2,000 'professional students' who've taken eight years to do a three-year course

    I'm most shocked that a university managed to find it's spine again and actually remove these students.
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    [Opinion] Why Soweto residents do not owe Eskom R18-billion

    Only thing I agree with in this article is that Soweto does NOT owe R18bil. They owe R18bil + interest (minimum of prime rate) + late paying fees. That’s what everyone else would have to pay.
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    Ramaphosa, Gordhan like Cosatu's idea of using PIC's R250bn to reduce Eskom's debt

    Forget stealing pensions, they shouldn't even be getting any more money from government until they have positive cashflow.
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    Eskom looking at nuclear power reactors

    Eskom should be focusing on getting it's house in order and stabilizing what it currently has. ideally starting to downsize and sell off assets. All further energy expansion in this country should (MUST) be done privately.