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    [US] Florida cheerleader allegedly stabbed 114 times, teen suspect to be charged as adult

    Reminds me of those two girls who hijacked a car, killed someone and all they cared about was their phones still being in the crashed car. The word psychopath comes to mind.
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    Atlanta 'defund the police' backer has car stolen -- by kids in broad daylight: reports

    Stealing food and clothes is an act of desperation. Stealing a high-end Mercedes is an act of entitlement. If these kids have any chance at growing up as productive adults, they need swift intervention of discipline and structure in their lives before they cross a line they can't come back from.
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    Post Office says 'only' 11% of mail goes missing

    11% is a disastrous official number and it's exactly why SAPO has its current reputation. No private company could remain operational with missing packages spiraling out of control like that. Some loss or breakage is inevitable, but you want that at less than 1%.
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    US protests/riots 2020

    Even more unpopular. The officer is going to need counseling for years to cope with this.
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    It’s elitist to mark down bad spelling, universities insist [UK]

    I once rejected a candidate because their cover letter and CV were riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. It shows a certain laziness and lack of effort. A typo isn't a problem, a mess is. For context, I'm a programmer and this was for a programming job. Depending on the job, maybe you...
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    2 girls, 13 and 15, charged in botched carjacking, murder of Uber Eats driver "The rule of felony murder is a legal doctrine in some common law jurisdictions that broadens the crime of murder: when an offender kills (regardless of intent to kill) in the commission of a dangerous or enumerated crime (called a felony in some...
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    Former president's wife files for divorce, demands husband disclose finances - report

    As much as it brightens my day to see Zuma get shredded, R95 000p/m in maintenance is absolutely insane.
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    Microsoft hack: White House warns of 'active threat' of email attack

    So at the point they have now bypassed authentication, they already have access to everyone's email on the Exchange server. So without even pushing a payload, they have already potentially done tremendous damage. Bypassing auth also also seems to have gained them the ability to run some...
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    Microsoft hack: White House warns of 'active threat' of email attack

    They do not. You could bypass authentication in Outlook Web Access by creating a legitimate looking web request with custom cookies. There was a logic bug in the Outlook Web Access authentication code. The attackers used this exploit to escalate into a full remote code execution attack, taking...
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    Microsoft hack: White House warns of 'active threat' of email attack

    The exploits could be done through the standard exposed ports. One of the major vulnerabilities existed in the Outlook Web Access portion of Exchange. This is why it is affecting so many people and companies...
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    Microsoft hack: White House warns of 'active threat' of email attack

    Yes, people are exposing Exchange to the internet. It's not some "out there stupid" deployment either, it's the standard deployment. Requiring your employees to connect to a VPN before getting their email is more secure but I don't know any company which requires this because of how cumbersome...
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    The plan to force South African ISPs to have black ownership

    I often wonder if the ANC government have a daily sitdown and ask themselves, "Any new ideas to damage the economy? It still seems to be limping along". Then they concoct these ridiculous schemes overnight while letting things that would actually improve the economy sit on the backburner for...
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    Petition To Ban Same-Sex Kiss In Cadbury Crème Egg Ad Garners 56,000 Signatures

    Cadbury released an ad for a different demographic, your adblocker will catch it anyway. Moving on!
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    EOH CEO explains why staff take a salary hit while execs score millions

    If I was at EOH, I would leave. If you are at EOH and are marketable, leave.