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    Big Giveaway - Win great prizes

    AI is enabling retailers to tailor their offerings more precisely to customer demand with services such as: Sales personalization – Intelligence applied to customer history enables retailers to deliver customized experiences, offerings, pricing, and planning—modernizing the online and physical...
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    Major Joburg roads are being renamed – including the country’s biggest interchange

    Do you know how confused my GPS gets these days, type in Thabo Mbeki and get at least 20 results.
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    Rain 5G is here - Ultra-fast internet for R1,000 per month

    Keeping your food warm there :laugh:
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    Warning: R8,500 every time you update Audi's MMI (Virtual Cockpit) SatNav Maps

    Problem is a German issue, Germany has a minimum order quantity for their markets and at the time I think South Africa had to order something like a 100. Somehow they managed to bypass the order quantity but as a result I would assume they sacrificed on price. Not sure, but that is what Audi SA...
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    Warning: R8,500 every time you update Audi's MMI (Virtual Cockpit) SatNav Maps

    All the new Audi vehicles coming out will have Android Auto and Car play as standard, the new A1 and Q3 already have this standard, but all other vehicles you have to select the smartphone interface as an option. I found myself using Google maps more than the the actual MMI maps, just out of...
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    R499 | Microsoft Office 2019 Professional x 10

    @i-Tech Solutions please pm me the details so I can finalise it with you
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    The Ford Ranger (T6) Thread

    Not really, they might be getting a kick back from Ford Credit or Ford SA in a form of rebate, see the price is only valid if financed through ford credit. And then you probably find it is with a balloon payment as well.
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    Cool things to do in Queenstown?

    Maybe be specific on the country . . . .SA Queenstown you could probably mingle with the farmers, NZ Queenstown - that is probably a whole different story.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Asked about the status of a Fibre product and if I could escalate it because we do have Fibre in our area. However got the below message from the agent totally unrelated: Please connect your computer to your D'Link router either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable (LAN cable) and open a web...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Seriously terrible support from you guys, order Fibre and try to explain on WhatsApp what is going on and you just get the same generic answer.
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    The Tattoo Thread

    Dam sorry, only saw your reply now, I was with a friend on the day didn't feel like driving. But this was mine that Len did, after the touch up.
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    WATCH: Light aircraft gatecrashes OR Tambo taxiway, as 'pilot drops off friend late for a flight

    Landing fees are gazetted and are charged according to weight of the aircraft. Probably R94.34 considering the weight of the aircraft.
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    The 25TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog

    Be interested to know what the total speed is during peak hours being pulled by Netflix and YouTube content across all ISPs.
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    WATCH: Light aircraft gatecrashes OR Tambo taxiway, as 'pilot drops off friend late for a flight

    Generally Ground Control will tell you where you should go, i.e IWE use Taxiway A, B, C, park at Apron E, However a good pilot will do a lot of ground work before flying, so they would have a chart similar to the below and have a good idea as to where ATC will tell you where to go. But there...