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    Permanent load-shedding is needed for a year - Expert

    At the moment only 3kw,changed the invertor to backup mode so batteries are fully charged all the time during load shedding. Otherwise would have produced about 8kw at this time.
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    Permanent load-shedding is needed for a year - Expert

    Very true, I am waiting for Tshwane to decide on their SSEG policy. At the moment my panels are looking at the sun doing nothing when the load is small and the batteries are full. I could be giving Tshwane 7 - 10kw per day, multiply this by the number of households already doing it...
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    Free TVs from Takealot if the Springboks win

    It could be a good or bad thing, the fact that it is Samsung probably means they getting some rebate from it, and seeing that it is select models could also mean run out stock before it becomes old. So probably a win from Samsung for moving models that would potentially have burnt them, not...
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    DDOS? My router was hacked I am a Afrihost client

    I mentioned it to Afrihost with regards to the router version being outdated, I would assume that this could also be the cause where security flaws were patched in later versions, cannot find the change log to confirm this though...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Quick question, why would your routers be so behind on firmware version? I did a check and I see the latest version for the Hardware version R1 is 3.0.1 but it is dispatched with version 1.0.0 Automatic update also points to a URL that does not show any updates available. Difficult to see...
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    This South African property group is dropping ‘elite’ developments – because the economy can’t take it

    Article should be corrected, the revenue was R1.4 Billion as per the financial results posted.
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    To pool or not too pool

    Like the comments have mentioned if you don't have kids a splash pool is great way to go, small enough to get soaked, big enough to sit around with some drinks in summer, and not a headache to look after. Always wanted to do something like this:
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    Moving Fibre ISP - does it really take a month to do?

    Maybe the guys on here can help, I have found that you have to muscle Afrihost around a bit to get stuff done otherwise you wait forever for feedback on items. @AfriMan can you help ?
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    Opinion on buying your own preferred brand of motor oil and asking dealership to use it

    @Ockie you can pretty much use any oil you want to, just make sure that it aligns with manufacturer specs as outlined in your manual, i.e VW/Audi use the 502, 505 and 501 spec, with 507/509 being used for longer service intervals. Just looking at the manual on Rubia they do have their spec...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    How long is the lead time for MFN installs normally ?
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    The electric car bubble is bursting

    I don't think bursting is the operative word here, entry into this market is very expensive and capital intensive. From concept to commercial viability is probably a nightmare to say the least.
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    Dr's open on a sunday? Or do I have to go to the ER?

    Cost ranges from branch to branch normally as they are a franchise but nothing more than your standard Dr consultation fee. Think I pay R500 through medical aid ? I see @APoc184 beat me to it, but yeah if you make a booking online, just arrive about 20min earlier to fill in forms etc