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    New South African Network Status Website - Please test

    That is what I pointed out in my previous post :laugh::laugh::laugh: You need to find a middle ground between making it easy to report, but still having some form of authentication or check in place to prevent spamming.
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    New South African Network Status Website - Please test

    All well and good, but i effectively turned Rain into a low impact problem by submitting 18 reports in the last 5 minutes because it does not prevent me from submitting multiple faults at one time. Something to look at if you have an irate customer who can effectively make your network seem...
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    South Africa doesn’t have enough black pilots and cabin crew: lawmakers

    The problem comes in with regards to the amount of investment it takes to make a candidate suitable to fly in the right seat. 43 Air Schools offers the integrated ATPL course at R1 407 081 which "promises" to get the candidate into the airlines as soon as possible. If you giving a bursary...
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    Can we sue Rain

    The fact that Rain has offered you a refund in your other thread is decent of them, considering you are not tied up into a contract either is also fair. "Unfortunately this is not something we can solve quickly, and even more so during this lock down period. This means we cannot remedy your...
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    How to save your music before Google Play Music shuts down

    When it first came out I used to move my music from Google Music to Youtube. Ended up going back to Google Music as Youtube does not play the actual song, it plays the music video minus video making some songs over 8 minutes long, with people talking in the song, and these...
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    Pick your favourite Afrihost work-from-home photo and win R2,000 cash

    Thabile - sporting full Afrihost gear at home, that's next level support.
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    These major South African companies say they are facing closure or job cuts due to the coronavirus

    SAB using the virus as an excuse for retrenchment, they were already looking at cutting staff pre-virus. When AB InBev took over the already went through the business cutting staff left right and centre. Family member was part of the whole process, and even afterwards when he stayed on the...