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    Chinese scientists want to destroy space junk with orbital lasers

    Didn't want to start another thread about space junk so just leaving this here. Interesting vid :) And I did not know it was such a serious problem or at least wasn't aware how prolific space junk really is.
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    Why you should use Google Maps when you know where you're going

    In the middle on my dash (next to radio display) held with one of those magnet holders. Works better than built-in car satnav and music player.
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    Why you should use Google Maps when you know where you're going

    How does it compare with Waze? Both are now Google AFAIK but do they share the same data? I normally use Waze. EDIT:
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    Gaming Laptop urgent advise

    That's not too shabby. And I'd probably consider an OEM Win key to save on that Windows license cost, apparently not illegal but just some risk involved. Or Pop OS if one is feeling adventurous :p
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    Gaming Laptop urgent advise

    I got an Asus G752VM ("Desktop Replacement") with a 1060 and great hardware combo (nvme, 24gig RAM, i7) for 20k a year ago. Also with gsync display. Was a Deon Wired birthday special. If you look around I'm pretty sure you could find a good deal beyond 1050ti range. These days I would definitely...
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    Serial Killer

    I don't think I would derive any gratification from killing anyone for the sake of killing itself. So what, you watch someone die by your own hand - which I don't find particularly interesting. Then you have to deal with the mess thereafter - I really have other things to do thanks :)
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    How many times a day do you quit your job?

    Sometimes I set hourly reasonable goals (or whatever timeframe suits the near future) and try to complete the goal in that timeframe so that I can spend the rest of it doing whatever the F I want. It's a nice way to keep the work/break cycle with short focused sprints and makes what seems like...
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    Why is Lion beer so cheap?

    There's hardly a beer I won't drink. But Lion has been my recent go to. Everyone I've introduced it to also stuck with it. It's nice as far as commercial beers go. Doesn't get more watery like others after a few either.
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    Fairly recent atheist - looking for a religion - convince me about yours

    Would you stop sending me 2+ hour long videos :p:p I think I'm only 15 minutes into the first one lol Will watch asap.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    haha is that still a thing? I haven't cared about the start menu for a few years now lol. Even IT illiterates can't function if Office icons isn't on their taskbar or desktop, but ain't seen anyone refer to the start menu for as long as I can remember.
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    Fairly recent atheist - looking for a religion - convince me about yours

    Any ideologically possessed person would think the same of anyone not associated with them. It goes both ways.
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    Fairly recent atheist - looking for a religion - convince me about yours

    The truth is likely meaningless. But even if that were not so, knowing the whole truth seems to be a physical impossibility anyway. At some point you have to abide by intuition and your best guess to act out in this world. Perhaps a belief system simply helps sort that out efficiently. They say...
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    What books changed your life?

    Also used to. Have a pretty big collection of audiobooks (Even the Bible lol!). Mostly self-help or factual stuff but a few fictional titles as well. But nowadays if I'm in the mood (which is erratic), I learn some German via podcast. Otherwise it's just music (loud heavy/prog metal preferred)...
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    What books changed your life?

    Used to. Not anymore. I hardly even consider it anymore to be honest.