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    Huge blast rocks Port of Beirut

    I suspect Beirut had a lot more force whereas Tainjin had the bigger fireball and appearance was amplified by the night. Just a hunch though. Both insane explosions. :oops:
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    Government policy will now let mobile networks build a 5G tower on your property

    No such thing as private property anyway. If you thought that, good luck.
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    The METAL Thread

    New Static-X album out today :)
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    Are things really that bad in SA?

    They probably responded to one of those DirectAxis Loan schemes.
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    MTN's 5G network tested – Blisteringly fast speeds

    Any reason why I shouldn't be worried about congestion down the line? 4G was also blisteringly fast on day 1, and now it's kak.
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    The METAL Thread

    Have these been posted as yet? I'm glad Static-X is still going :)
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    Star Citizen

    As pretty and large scale the game was scoped to be, by the time it launches I think it will look and play pretty average. Not even sure they're bringing RTX into it, which may be a standard thing by then. If only they developed the game in chunks, adding more areas to the story, more systems...
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    If a couple isn't married and have a kid, does the kid take the moms name?

    I mean I'd rather not bother to be honest. My family may also find it strange. And changing it for work, accounts etc... meh... Just thinking of the kid. I'd rather he/she not grow up with the childish teasing I had to endure. But as for me it doesn't matter, I've lived with it for long enough...
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    If a couple isn't married and have a kid, does the kid take the moms name?

    On another slightly related note, is it easy to get married but retain surnames? I would want my future kid to have the mothers surname. I don't like mine.
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    Request : List of games which have South African servers

    I've been enjoying EFT lately and so happy we have local servers. :) Another one that might interest you guys is GTFO. Local host/lobby based, no need for servers.
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    New coronavirus stats in South Africa possible bad news for the lockdown

    Ah yes good ol' John Ross College. Had my share of the experience :ROFL::ROFL: Jeeze, back then the only entertainment was the new boardwalk shopping center and that was it! Wonder what it's like nowadays.
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    The 76TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog in the lockdown

    I can't really think of many legal scenarios where that usage is plausible. Curious. I mean say if the power bill of a residential unit spikes tenfold inexplicably, of course you're going to be thinking meth lab or something :laugh: 2.5TB's a day? hmmm... Not even daily backups over a VPN will...
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    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Who plays Apex since Warzone came out? :p