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    US Election 2020 - The Result

    Because he may be the lesser of 2 evils. Personally I don't like either candidate but I worry that the democratic party ideals inherently lead to far more destabilization and destruction. I don't sense any "nation building" motives behind their narratives - it's all about open borders (like...
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    US Election 2020 - The Result

    @ghoti must like you so much he doesn't want you to withdraw from his bunch of cronies. He'd rather piss on your preferences and shoot it down than see you go. I'd take that as a compliment. :P
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    Pls help before I lose my eish!

    So at the moment it still says unknown driver? I was kinda thinking the below setting at first... but it doesn't quite add up or explain why the driver reverts to unknown (which makes me suspect the receiver is faulty, or was on its way out and now its properly done for?). Anyway I suppose...
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    Dimension Data taken to court over allegedly paying black former executive less than colleagues

    I suppose we will see the EFF running rampant at The Campus now, like the next Clicks store.
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    Transferring of .com domain

    Yep, for .com domain definitely need that EPP code entered at the time of order. I did one fairly recently at another host. Sounds like OP got fed wrong info from Axxess. Also once order/transfer and all that is done, don't forget to approve the ICANN verification email as well else domain will...
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    US Election 2020 - The Result

    Well, at this rate I don't think Trump is going to win? All I can say is good luck America and hope I was wrong about what's to come. Not that I was ever a big fan of Trump, but he was by far the lesser of 2 evils for me. Hope/pray/trust I'm wrong about that.
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    The METAL Thread

    WTF Deezer... I guess this is "Metal" nowadays \m/>.<\m/
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    Baldur's Gate 3

    To be fair going from Turn Based to RTwP is arguably one of the highlights/lowlights that killed the Jagged Alliance franchise with Back in Action, along with simplification that alienated the fan base. I'm of 2 minds. Both have Pro's and Con's I think.
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    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    The way I see it, and of course could be wrong, is Trump is a gateway barring America from falling into far left collapse. That's his purpose. He is merely a consequence. I'm not sure who else would fill that role. Liking him is not a requirement, just got to tolerate the guy for the sake of...
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    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    Perhaps you do not understand the type of person a leftist authoritarian is. :)
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    Bank Zero has gone live with its closed beta

    So 2FA for online it seems. Perhaps the CVV can just be left blank on those sites? (Unless it's a mandatory field, I can't remember if it ever is)
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    Rain 5G speed tests in Cape Town – These are the results

    I wouldn't trust. We all know RAIN's after sales technical support as well as what a short span of increasing user count/congestion has been like in the past. Use only if there's no other choice.
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    Cloud back up - Reseller

    Well it's not my fav either, but I also know some businesses misunderstood the use case or documented limitations for it and as a result had plenty issues technically through no fault of OneDrive itself. I only say this in case anyone else is reading - Read the documentation carefully and don't...
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    Joburg’s William Nicol Drive set to get a name change

    Yep. It's good to be triggered by incompetence and crooks and wastage, one is supposed to be triggered by those things.
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    Cloud back up - Reseller

    My only "gripe" with it is when companies grow and get further entrenched with Microsoft down the line and then try migrate all this to OneDrive because they're paying for it already as part of an O365 suite or something. That's a big oof moment. I wouldn't even bother at that point, they must...