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    Telkom Prepaid Landline

    Telkom no longer offers prepaid landlines and any existing landlines are being migrated to a fixed wireless solution running on top of Telkom Mobile/Vodacom, i.e. they give you a phone with a sim card that is linked to a landline number. It is also possible to place the sim card into a...
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    Rain Online Rica

    Try opening the rica link using a different web browser. I could not get past the facial recognition using Chrome, but installed Firefox as a final attempt to complete the process this afternoon. It worked and my simcard was actived within a few minutes.
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    Rain - Support Service

    Someone responded to the original support ticket yesterday, but the suggestions did not solve the problem. The problem is that your rica process is broken as a result of the side facial recognition step which clearly does not work on all phones. Furthermore, I don't see how it adds any...
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    Failing to Rica RAIN sim

    I had the exact same issue and finally received a response from them yesterday. In short, it seems like the e-rica link is valid for 7 days after which you can click the rica button on the portal again to generate a new sms link. Needless to say, mine also failed on the second attempt. At...
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    Rain - Support Service

    I would advise anyone thinking of signing up with Rain to seriously reconsider. Read the comments above and learn from other people's experiences. My e-rica process failed on the 9th of June and to date they have not responded to the original support ticket. Hopefully they will respond to...
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Luckily they don't ask for proof of your income or a statement from your accountant, lol.
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    Failing to Rica RAIN sim

    Has anyone been able to rica a sim card if the facial recognition step failed? If so, how long did it take to resolve the issue?
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    YouTube Music which LIT Bundle?

    I think the correct answer is to do the math by calculating the cost per gigabyte (GB) of the bundles you are interested in. E.g. the 50GB streaming bundle costs R400 which calculates to R400 / 50 = R8/GB. If you compare it to the 60GB smart broadband wireless bundle that can be used for any...
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    Question for Gold Bugs

    The problem with physical gold is the risk of storing it yourself. One or two coins may be practical, but one cannot store a substantial portion of your portfolio in your safe at home. When travelling overseas, do they treat gold as a cash equivalent when counting it towards the overall cash...
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    Telkom voice bundle expiry

    Which bundles are you referring to, FreeMe, Once off Telkom Fixed, Once off Telkom Mobile? I recently purchased a Telkom Fixed voice minute bundle on my Telkom mobile sim card and it lasts until the end of the next calendar month, i.e. if you buy it today it will expire at the end of July.
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    Why South Africa must move to level 2 now

    Rather than tweeting from his ivory tower with a well stocked fridge and pantry, he should ask the people he represents whether they would like to return to work or not. Everybody wants to earn money in order to improve their life circumstances and freely choose to spend that money on goods...
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    Why South Africa must move to level 2 now

    The whole concept of lockdown levels should be done away since it has not prevented the virus from spreading anywhere in the world. The economy is too integrated to try and reduce everything into 5 different levels. If someone has a job, it fulfills some need in society or else it would not...
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    Why South Africa may have to deploy 70,000 soldiers in the coming months

    I would be very surprised if they move during the daytime. It would make sense to only move during the curfew hours in order to avoid unnecessary suspicion.
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    External 2.5" usb drive not showing up?

    I would try the following items if it is a mechanical drive: 1) Connect the drive to the pc where it works and run 'chkdsk z:' from the command line. It will scan the file system and report any errors that may exist. Backup the contents of the drive before running the repair option, i.e...
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    5+5 LTE prepaid

    Yes, it is a once off payment for the mifi router. I suspect that they 'subsidize' the router since you cannot find mifi routers at that price from any of the online retailers.