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    South Africa’s land-policy plans a disaster for economy, says US secretary of state

    In Cuba you can buy ashtrays and toilet flappers at the government shops.
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    How emigrating South Africans make life more difficult for the people who stay behind

    It's important to remember that the
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    Eskom moves to stage 2 load shedding

    Stages of ineptitude schweet
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    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

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    N0 loadshedding from Monday [2020/02/17]

    Thinking outside the box, I like it
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    Amsterdam looks to bar foreign visitors from buying cannabis

    Wtf?! Are they stoned or something
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    Load shedding pushed to stage 3 – and will last even longer

    It's like magic fire from a pipe. Schweet.
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    Ramaphosa's Eskom plans need deadlines - Experts

    Good plans read like good stories.
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    "Telkom is killing itself"

    Must do gud job.