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    Rain 5G dead

    @rain_mobile please can you assist us, this is massively frustrating now
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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    I was at a point where I was definitely going to get a series X, but now I have started playing CoD competitively, and a rather sad issue has reared its ugly head. If I want a controller with 2 extra buttons, on the xbox one, i'm currently stuck with either the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, or the...
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    Smoking helps open gateway to coronavirus infection, study shows

    They didn't consider anything to be fair, someone sneezed and someone else wrote down what they thought they heard. They didn't think of those with mental issues, they didn't think about the strain on the economy (500 Mil+/- so far) in tax lost, and they certainly didn't think about withdrawal...
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    Which console? lets see whos keen on which!

    The series X. No matter how good the PS5 would be, my library is already xbox.
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    Why won't rain fix my 5g?

    @rain_mobile please assist
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    Xbox Series X – Hardware specifications revealed

    No, but it can mine craft... :p
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    Rain Scummy tactics. Throttling any form of streaming to 480p

    Is that the 5G queue that has 51 people???
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    rain 5G installation help

    Try going to the wifi settings in the phone and see if there are options there to allow 5GHZ networks or something, if the phone doesn't see the 5GHZ band by default
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    Rain slow because of loadshedding?

    Even if the tower stays on, if say a Vodacom tower goes off, more users might end up switching to roaming on the rain tower, and then it would be heavily congested
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    Telkom fixed lte speed has dropped dramatically

    If the 192 address doesnt load, its a router issue that should be fixed with a reboot. If not, router might be fault
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    Hisense 55" B8000

    I bought it from Masons, but TV is sold.
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    We too busy sorting out our pilchards and recession, Coronavirus is waiting for that to settle before dropping in.