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    NEW - ONE-DAY Giveaway - R1,000 up for grabs for one lucky winner

    Pay for that expected/unexpected medical expense
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    To the smokers

    2-3 packs depending on how things are. Doing better these days, during lockdown I smoked 3 packs a day consistently
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    WhatsApp Account Stolen - the heck?

    It's probably easier then dealing with some of the service providers :laugh:
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    RAIN (5G) spoofing speeds?

    Someone else says it looks like there package was magically downgraded to the 5G standard, maybe check that you are still on the premium package
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    Fixed LTE for gaming

    I never got the PM, and now I no longer have supersonic so wouldnt be able to help. Maybe someone else will pop in that can
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    @rain - did you change/fix something?

    My 5G feels very smooth today! Thank you!
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    This is the average take-home pay in South Africa right now

    You cant. My rent alone is half of that, so no bond, car loan, or medical aid, and thanks to Covid and its fallout, no real food for a few months. At that kind of salary, any kind of set back hits you pretty hard (end up selling off half your smaller assets to keep head above water etc)
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    Rain 5G dead

    @rain_mobile please can you assist us, this is massively frustrating now
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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    I was at a point where I was definitely going to get a series X, but now I have started playing CoD competitively, and a rather sad issue has reared its ugly head. If I want a controller with 2 extra buttons, on the xbox one, i'm currently stuck with either the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, or the...
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    Smoking helps open gateway to coronavirus infection, study shows

    They didn't consider anything to be fair, someone sneezed and someone else wrote down what they thought they heard. They didn't think of those with mental issues, they didn't think about the strain on the economy (500 Mil+/- so far) in tax lost, and they certainly didn't think about withdrawal...
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    Which console? lets see whos keen on which!

    The series X. No matter how good the PS5 would be, my library is already xbox.