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    Free MetroFibre speed upgrades – But not so free for ISPs

    Is someone at MyBroadband using MetroFibre and their ISP is not giving them the upgrades for free, because this sounds like sour grapes honestly. "What irks ISPs is that MetroFibre created customer expectation without fully explaining the situation to subscribers. This is because MetroFibre...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Hi All Just wanted to know if anyone knows if we have proper good quality wifi/smart circuit breakers in SA yet, that have all the necessary approvals, e.g. SABS, etc.? Ones that would be acceptable to home insurance and in the event of a claim? Almost like these ones from Amazon...
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    How much it costs to cancel your contract

    @vodacom - How the fk do you reckon a 75% fee is REASONABLE? Are you fking insane? a 75% fee for the plan for the remaining months, which you never provided a service for or incurred any costs for?? The outstanding fees for the device/handset is reasonable, but not the whole plan. You are...
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    Aramex global shopper

    Thank goodness, I can confirm that the parcel from ITEAD reached the Shangai AGS office using the english address format with local express shipping (although the tracking number from ITEAD for express shipping did not work on any of the tracking sites that side). Alls well that ends well :-)
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    Aramex global shopper

    You can leave the dash out, it's the same for my NY address when I use Amazon and I have always received my parcels.
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    Aramex global shopper

    Thanks MegaTesla, next time I'll do the same. I will let you guys know if it reaches AGS Shanghai with the english address though, I really hope it does.