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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    How did you sort it? I haven't received since March.
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    Dental implant + crown costs?

    Do you have details of the dental practitioner?
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    some math help please

    All good.
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    some math help please

    Hi. If I'm understanding your question correctly this is my solution.To work out % eg 15000. 15000/380000*100=3.95% To work out degrees on pie chart eg 15000 15000/380000*360=14.21° Where 380000 is the sum of 15000,75000,90000 and 200000. Hope this helps.
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    Xenon/LED headlight replacements?

    The "overclocking" may explain why my one premature light bulb failure was on a road trip, where the bulbs were on for an extended period of time. Best to carry spare bulbs on a road trip, cos I learnt that the non standard bulbs not stocked by the smaller shops.
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    Using bank card out of country

    I'm with different bank but needed to activate my card for use outside of South Africa. Did it on the banks app though.
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    Telkom now roaming on Vodacom...

    Telkom sa Telkomsa
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    Xenon/LED headlight replacements?

    My experience is that the Osram night breakers don't last as long as the Osram standard halogen bulbs. I needed to replace them annually. After second set just went with standard.
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    What do you guys pay for a 9kg Gas bottle?

    R190 today. Kismet hardware. Athlone
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    I haven't been with Tyme long enough. But my Tyme base points reflects on the smart shopper app daily. And apparently the Tyme bonus points will be added once a month.
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    I read it as meaning the following. Points for 6 x R20 swipes (R120 spend) = points for 1 x R2500 swipe = 3 points towards money goal. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Nokia 1 Dual Sim There specs show phone as dual SIM.
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    Is a 10yr old brand new sealed laser toner cartridge safe to use?

    And is the 10 year old printer safe to use?
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    Windscreen damage/replacement: Indwe

    On my last claim they gave 2 options. 1- use SABS approved import glass with no excess or 2 - use SABS branded/ local glass with excess payment.