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    2020 Opel Corsa GSi - An affordable midlife crisis purchase?

    My car has 121kw but weighs two tons, so is quite slow. Might find that GSi will be more fun than your sedan.
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    Marius Roberts vs the Cops

    "Makes me feel like a child again", then proceeds just as the bmw slots behind him to put voet. In traffic. Then fails to stop.
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    2020 Opel Corsa GSi - An affordable midlife crisis purchase?

    Yeah , weird how stories of an Opel stir our own memories of the stupid things we did.
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    Paperclip in tire

    Mine repaired fine so sure will be ok
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    2017 Mazda CX-5 (Gen 2)

    Weird how a vehicle like this is a bit long in the tooth. I have a CX5 , its doing everything for me they promised me it would.
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    Bad Driving thread

    That Porsche was clearly there first. Pity COJ has never heard of pointsmen.
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    Bad Driving thread

    usually its the biggest car that wins
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    Estate agent commissions - negotiation on %?

    Just be upfront with them, for them it's their income, and some of them actually work hard for it. Tell them what you need to get out of the sale. We recently sold our home and did that sliding scale thing down to min 4.5%
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    Bad Driving thread

    And then there are motorcyclists that think speed limits only belong to vehicles with 4 wheels.