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    New iPad and iPad Mini launched

    Expected cost I see is excluding VAT, etc.
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    Why South Africa’s petrol stations are struggling – despite record high fuel prices

    No more plane trips, or will they be solar powered as well?
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    The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread

    14.16 :unsure:
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    IPL 2021

    How many Pakistan players have beards?
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    IPL 2021

    They did LOL
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    IPL 2021

    I heard sometime during the game that he is 6' 8". That's TALL. Google tells me that's 2.032m
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    Songs That Take You Back

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    Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2021

    No Pakistani players playing in the IPL?
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    Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2021

    Not out then out :)
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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    This rain is just not letting up.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 3

    Anyone else receive this Whatsapp message? Apparently for medical workers, which I am not.
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    Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2021

    Which of the Proteas are leaving for the IPL?
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    SA ISPs must now have black owners

    If I am a one-man business, what then?
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    Helping a friend look for a budget TV

    My MIL bought a TV from Chinatown here in Durban and i know it was quite cheap. Cannot remember the make. Been working for a few years now. Only problem it's a dumb TV but she has an Openview decoder and a laptop with a HDMI connection, not sure what else.
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    Egypt's Suez Canal blocked by large container ship

    Are they using the same pilot? Any wind forecasted?