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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    I see conversions ZAR -> USD carries a bit of a premium: 1 USD = 14.8704 ZAR I don't have USD in my account. Can someone with some check the conversion rate back to ZAR pls.
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    Where to declare your cryptocurrency holdings on your tax return

    I am guessing holding crypto in a ETF does not fall under this act.
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    New ‘Brazilian grant’ and basic income being considered for South Africa: Treasury

    The grant is required so people can fund expenses to generate more money for them. Like buying crowbars and bolt cutters.
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Scary p/e 's on that one.
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    Tshwane resident ready to call it a day for cabbage patch feeding the poor after being ‘threatened’ by TMPD officers

    That's the States for you. The average person breaks like 260 laws per year, and they keep on signing in new bills. You can be arrested for just about anything.
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    Help me understand S&P 500 EFT's

    As an Experiment. Same platform - Easy Equities
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    Help me understand S&P 500 EFT's

    So I am trying to understand this. I invested in two ETF's, the Satrix S&P 500 and Sygnia S&P 500. The same amount, same time - about a week ago. Sygnia has lower fees. Both are up. Satrix is higher at the moment, about 1,1 percent more that the Sygnia fund. Why ?
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    Tax makes up between 34% and 36% of the fuel price in South Africa

    Depressing - if only we didn't have 30 percenter quotas running SA.
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Is it common for the easy equities site to be down, like now ?
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    "Mini" nuclear reactor tech could return to SA

    God help us all. 30 percenters and nuclear don't mix.
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    Female JMPD cop describes attack: 'Fitness trainer strangled and kicked me in the face while yelling racial slurs'

    Some are labelled racist, others are labelled sexist, others homophobic. But some offenses are more tolerated than others.
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    Here is the official petrol price for September – including a surprise levy

    No, I drive a 5.0 V8. Don't give them ideas.
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    125cc vs 150cc scooter?

    The risk is so small. Budget for a R500 fine every couple of years.
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    125cc vs 150cc scooter?

    Do you need a license to register it ?