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    Makro giveaway winners

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    The Home Improvements Thread (2)

    Film is only used to block the view from outsiders during the day. That's all. Probably blocks out some UV rays as well, but other than that, it doesn't do anything to the temperature in the house.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

    Is the calculator on the eBucks site not updated with the new rules yet? I am trying to calculate my possible earnings and level on Gold.
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    Android Useful Apps

    I found this beautiful file explorer. Finally, one without ads.
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    The Home Improvements Thread (2)

    Finally done with the tiling in the en suite. Need to redo the ceiling and toilet now. Fix me up house coming along nicely. Before: After: The inspiration:
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    Defy 12 Place dishwasher (2017-2019) model

    What is the point of this thing that came with my dishwasher? No reference of this in the user manual.
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    Are Android Phones the Same?

    And the CPU? Also, the customised version of the OS from the brand plays a role with all their bloat I think.
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    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    Makes sense. Just though I could have it standard as I want to have it in my switch cabinet without having to use a power source from the wall.
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    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    And it still doesn't have POE as a standard... sigh.
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    Wyze outdoor camera

    I have this:
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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    Yeah it tapers off a bit between season 3 and 6. Renewed for season 7 just before COVID.
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    Wyze outdoor camera

    Looking for an Anti-Theft external enclosure for a HikVision bullet camera.