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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 7ms Download: 52.72Mbps Upload: 21.89Mbps
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    Help me choose wines

    Thanks, powermzii and dualmeister.
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    Help me choose wines

    To the people who responded with brilliant suggestions when I originally started this thread: Do your recommendations still hold up, or are there new and better red wines on the market that you can recommend? Thank you very much.
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    VOIP definition question, please

    Seems better that way, thanks!
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    VOIP definition question, please

    Why? For purposes of an electronic communication policy.
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    VOIP definition question, please

    A quick one - I am aware of the definition of VOIP as a telephone connection over the Internet. Can VOIP therefore correctly be classified as electronic communication?
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    Question about British Airways

    1. I booked a BA flight via the Dicovery Vitality/Kulula/ComAir platform. At the time of booking, I selected and confirmed seats. 2. BA cancelled the flight and I had to book a replacement flight, which I did telephonically with ComAir. 3. They said they were unable to help me select seats...
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    Brian Molefe, third time unlucky, over Eskom pension payout appeal

    So is the allegation then that he is entitled to a pension of only R19M? Or why is the R11M at issue?
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    The dangerous lives of bankers working in Joburg

    So, as long as you don't leave your office, all is well? Why do the banks still have their offices there? Move elsewhere!
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    Surtie Inheritance scam?

    :rolleyes::rolleyes: Some people were only born yesterday, it seems.
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    Liberty Stash App

    So, is this app still working? Mine has no option on the homepage to e.g. cash out. In fact, it does not even load properly. Any way to retrieve my funds or did we lose this money to scammers (too)?
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    Notre Dame on fire

    Thank goodness.
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    Notre Dame on fire

    So they already assigning - or implying - blame?
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    Notre Dame on fire

    Always giving unsolicited advice.