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    20Mbps Webafrica Uncapped Fiber is UNUSABLE for Gaming (Overwatch)

    You're going to need to test with a cable... The MTR results you sent there point to your LAN being the issue (first and last hop losses are identical).
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    20Mbps Webafrica Uncapped Fiber is UNUSABLE for Gaming (Overwatch)

    You're getting 5.5% loss to your own gateway. Was this test using a LAN cable? You definitely have a local issue.
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    League of Legends Gaming on Fibre - Lowest Ping or Lowest Latency

    Websquad 1000/100 - Vumatel Trenched - JHB (Over WiFi, sorry, too lazy to get a cord out) PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=52 time=171.682 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=52 time=172.086 ms 64 bytes from
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    How long does it take for the fibre coverage maps to get updated?

    Took 6 months for my in-laws maps to get updated after the tech told them it was ready to go.
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    looking for ISP as backup on Openserve

    I see @websquadza has Openserve packages now. Drop them a line to see if they do data only.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Big MBps (Megabytes - Chrome likes to use this) or small Mbps (Megabits - everything else likes to use this)? 16 Big MBps is pretty decent.
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    Hermanus WiFi Provider

    Try out Maxitec. We use them in the Voelklip area. Nothing to really write home about, but then again, there's not much in terms of selection.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    You're running a speedtest while connected VPN service hosted in the US to measure return route performance to a server in Amsterdam. You're doubling your latency, adding an inordinate number of hops and finding it odd that you're getting 10 Mbps? That's pretty good given the face that you've...
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    Please Rate your ISP (Other - If your ISP is not listed individually)

    ISP: Web Squad Rate: Excellent What they do well: Passionate bunch. Speed has always been great - Always get what they say on the box. Streaming always works well - even Twitch at 1080p! Service has been great, not that I've really needed help. Service delivery was great, from order...
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    Web Squad ISP

    Sure (wingnut, whoever you are, crikey this is some work): All in, pretty impressed with the results. Don't care for uploads (besides maybe wetransfer)- my Google Drive and OneDrive are very snappy though (any way to measure those?) Local: London: New York: Bandwidthplace...
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    Web Squad ISP

    I'm with Websquad on their 200/200 Mbps package on Vumatel trenched. No problems or complaints. No buffering on Netflix, Showmax and Youtube. International's been great too (i think) - twitch runs at 1080p60 no problem. Their support was great in getting me set up on a Mikrotik router with a...
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    FIP's, ISP's and the costs that go with getting FTTH

    This isn't a bad idea - but you're getting into an extremely competitive and expensive landscape. None of those so called free things are free; the ISPs that give you a "free installation," that's R1725 they're going to get back from you, the "Free activation," that's a R1009 cost that they...
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    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    200 Mbps between two of us. Peak will see both of us streaming HD and browsing devices. UniFi Controller is telling me we've averaged 10 Mbps max over the past two weeks. You'll be fine with 200 Mbps.
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    I'm confused and need some advice please ( Vumatel Fibre )

    @LOTR got the order process right. Rather order directly through Vuma. I'm with Web Squad. Got a 200/200 - no problems at all. Support has been great- detailed technical answers when you ask. Instead of taking their free router, I got a discounted upgrade to a Ubiquity USG from them and running...