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    VPN for Netflix USA

    If you want reliability, least bandwidth loss, the class of the field is ExpressVPN. Unblocks Netflix USA....costs a little more..but it works.
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    What IPTV service is best?

    Most channels are offered in FHD, and HD. 10Mb/s will cover the FHD...if you have less than 10Mb/s you might be ok for the HD channels... Contact StreamIPTV...they are quick to respond & very helpful.
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    The 5 fastest VPNs to use in 2019 - Pricing and details

    Express VPN ftw. If we talk fastest. ..i.e. least bandwidth loss to Europe/USA then this one is easily for you. I have tried 3 others..some in this comparison...but they don't come close. If talking price worth the extra. A class act. Many pay more to increase their speed at ISP level...when...
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    What IPTV service is best?

    I use StreamIPTV...have found them very helpful, replies are quick and courteous. The streams are really good ... (ask Christo4) but I would like to know from any forumite on this platform how to set up timer recordings. I have moved over to the Pro version (small once off fee) which is the one...
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    DStv price hikes here – How much more you will pay

    Streamiptv will give you that sport (and a whole lot more sport) for R150pm...and they are here in good old RofSA...
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    What IPTV service is best?

    Thanks to Christo4 and others on this forum & thread, I have also gone down the streamiptv route. Great menu...large selection, top quality streams....SPORTS...& Sky F1...and great service right here on our doorstep. Very happy....and all this for only R150pm.....!!
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    xiaomi tv box + nordvpn

    Does anonymity not provide some form of security? Bottom line...Smart DNS if you do not want to loose lots of bandwidth...& a firewall is necessary & mostly already in place.
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    The Official NVidia Shield Thread

    Hi Vernon, do you have another link to the ad free version...unfortunately the one above in your post has now been removed. Many thanks.
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    xiaomi tv box + nordvpn

    Using a smart DNS will not use as much bandwidth as a VPN....but does not give the security of a VPN.
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    VOIP Handsets

    Thank you Dave & George...will follow up. Appreciated. .
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    VOIP Handsets

    Yes, please tell us more. I have not seen any other comments on this....?
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    VOIP Handsets

    Can one connect a Panasonic cordless DECT phone to Yealink W60B. Does one need additional hardware to affect this? Thank you. Maybe cheaper to buy the Snom being sold on Gumtree.
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Switch Telecom are good too. And have Telephonic support. They answer within the first 5 rings of the call.
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    VOIP Handsets

    Can you please be more specific. I have just signed up with them, they only have positive 5 star reviews on Hellopeter - no complaints, so would appreciate clarity on call rates you quote and security issues. Thanks.
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    Which ISP do you use?

    Cool Ideas. Reliable, get full speed plus a bit, and PB Cool is on this Forum if there are problems. Not had any, but good to know.