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    Open View PVR

    I was at Kloppers today to purchase a OV 64Gig memory stick where I advised to purchase the 32 Gig as they had had many returns of the 64 Gig version...and yes...they did have stock of the 64...but strongly advised against purchasing it. Any one have bad experiences with the bigger memory stick?
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    Anyone has slow speeds and constant DC’s with CISP and Cool Ideas?

    PM PB Cool. He is a member on MBB.....provide your ticket no.
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    VPN for Netflix USA

    If you want reliability, least bandwidth loss, the class of the field is ExpressVPN. Unblocks Netflix USA....costs a little more..but it works.
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    What IPTV service is best?

    Most channels are offered in FHD, and HD. 10Mb/s will cover the FHD...if you have less than 10Mb/s you might be ok for the HD channels... Contact StreamIPTV...they are quick to respond & very helpful.
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    The 5 fastest VPNs to use in 2019 - Pricing and details

    Express VPN ftw. If we talk fastest. ..i.e. least bandwidth loss to Europe/USA then this one is easily for you. I have tried 3 others..some in this comparison...but they don't come close. If talking price worth the extra. A class act. Many pay more to increase their speed at ISP level...when...
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    What IPTV service is best?

    I use StreamIPTV...have found them very helpful, replies are quick and courteous. The streams are really good ... (ask Christo4) but I would like to know from any forumite on this platform how to set up timer recordings. I have moved over to the Pro version (small once off fee) which is the one...
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    DStv price hikes here – How much more you will pay

    Streamiptv will give you that sport (and a whole lot more sport) for R150pm...and they are here in good old RofSA...
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    What IPTV service is best?

    Thanks to Christo4 and others on this forum & thread, I have also gone down the streamiptv route. Great menu...large selection, top quality streams....SPORTS...& Sky F1...and great service right here on our doorstep. Very happy....and all this for only R150pm.....!!
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    xiaomi tv box + nordvpn

    Does anonymity not provide some form of security? Bottom line...Smart DNS if you do not want to loose lots of bandwidth...& a firewall is necessary & mostly already in place.
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    The Official NVidia Shield Thread

    Hi Vernon, do you have another link to the ad free version...unfortunately the one above in your post has now been removed. Many thanks.
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    xiaomi tv box + nordvpn

    Using a smart DNS will not use as much bandwidth as a VPN....but does not give the security of a VPN.
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    VOIP Handsets

    Thank you Dave & George...will follow up. Appreciated. .
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    VOIP Handsets

    Yes, please tell us more. I have not seen any other comments on this....?
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    VOIP Handsets

    Can one connect a Panasonic cordless DECT phone to Yealink W60B. Does one need additional hardware to affect this? Thank you. Maybe cheaper to buy the Snom being sold on Gumtree.
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Switch Telecom are good too. And have Telephonic support. They answer within the first 5 rings of the call.