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    Here is how easy it is to buy an illegal SIM in South Africa

    The best go to app to rica simcards yourself and get paid to do it. I got a big bag of simcards for free from them. You can buy them from pep at R5 per pack. You make R5 per simcard if that simcard spends R25 or more. Easy.
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    MTN 5G is here - Prices and coverage

    There has been issues but it's been really decent lately
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    MTN 5G is here - Prices and coverage

    Rain when MTN launched 5G
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    240ms ping to EU server (Vox)

    Vox uses EASSy for all EU routing even London.
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    So Pure DSL or (Naked DSL as known by most) does not come with free routers from Afrihost. Clients that need ADSL or VDSL routers are free to source one themselves or get one from Afrihost if they require one. Why technicians are offering clients a Telkom branded D-Link router I can't say...
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    Looks like MTN 5G network is launching soon!!
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Hopefully we will have a solution soon.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Looks like we lost AMS-IX peering :eek:
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    Looks like MTN 5G network is launching soon!!

    I did did not pick up MTN 5G around Centurion. :(
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    Mobile subscriber numbers in South Africa compared

    Indeed but to be expected I guess. When you think of a MTN contract subscriber you think of Mobile phone contracts. When you think of a Telkom contract subscriber you think LTE data contract even those R99 for 10+10GB month to month contracts. I think when you speak to anyone on the street and...
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    Yes so with Pure DSL if you cancel it will be pushed to the holding pool and a new ISP can take the line from the holding pool however it can only be migrated from Naked dsl to naked dsl if that makes sense. So you can switch between the old ADSL system which is called Copper Connect to the new...
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    Best 100MBPs ISP in Montana Area

    I can 100% recommend Openserve. Good install turnaround times and we hardly get any Openserve queries. ISP wise I would say Afrihost Currently Openserve speed upgrade promo is still running so 40Mbps upgraded to 100Mbps. So if you get installed...
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    Telkom Line Rental

    For existing adsl connections yes you still need too. For new installations no voice line rental required.
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    Openserve launches “Naked ADSL”

    Incorrect VLAN settings in VDSL router. ADSL uses VPI 8 and VCI 35 VDSL uses Vlan ID 835